Different Lens / Camera

Where has time gone? Is it end of June already?

This month's photo blogging challenge is all about using a different lens and / or camera, which means it addresses serious photographers, not people like me who just take random shots with their mobile phone because they are too lazy to carry around a real camera.

Guess what, I made an effort! Dug out the Nikon my Mom gave me a couple of years ago, charged the battery and left the house. Upon taking the tenth or so picture a message popped up: card full!

While standing in line, waiting for some ice cream, I manually deleted about a thousand old pictures... Rookie mistake!

Anyway. Let's dig in...

As you may know we've been driving back and forth a lot these past weeks because my son Colin's hockey team is in Zug, a city almost an hour's drive from home, and the region is famous for their cherries and especially the Kirsch liqueur. 

I found out about "Chriesisturm" (Cherry Storm), an event taking place every year at the end of June that is based on an ancient tradition. A couple of years ago they re-introduced this enchanting custom that goes back to the 18th century when they used to celebrate the official beginning of the cherry picking season. 

At 12 noon of Cherry Storm Day the church that possesses the largest (and therefore loudest?) bell will ring for a full 15 minutes. In the olden days this was the official invitation for the citizens who then promptly, equipped with ladders and baskets, rushed stormed to the public cherry tree area that had previously been guarded.

The new tradition integrates the primary custom into a fun race: people carrying ladders that measure 8 meters = 28 feet, are running a course all through the old town. Kids get half-lengths, ladders, that is. Same course.

After announcing and honoring the winners there is a street festival taking place in the old town, offering of course all kinds of cherry specialties. 

Speaking of cherries and traditions. It has become my own little custom to celebrate my blogversary with a cherry cake of some sort. This year I made a garbanzo cherry chocolate cake to celebrate my 5 years pf blogging! 

My Barbies - who have already dressed up for July 4 - put together the ingredients, basically chickpeas, eggs, sugar or stevia, cinnamon, baking powder, chocolate, coffee and cherries:

Speaking of anticipating Independence Day, I attended an American Cars Meeting in Sulgen, a small village in Eastern part of Switzerland. No matter if you drive a beautiful, carefully maintained Buick from the 50s, a brand-new tuned Viper, an Army Jeep or a regular Chrysler minivan, you get to drive through the fairground area and park right there (whereas all the Audi, Mercedes and Toyota drivers need to leave their car at the parking lot about a mile out.)

On our way back we met with a friend I know through work. They have a nice little weekend hut by the lake of Constance, and this is where we met. They gave Colin a fishing net, and he actually caught - and released - some tiny fish!

The sign below says "I don't drink coffee to wake up. I wake up to drink coffee!" And with this to keep in mind I'll let you go about your day. Well, after you've checked out my fellow photographer bloggers' contributions here.

Happy weekend!