Top Ten Thursday - Random Pictures

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're posting 10 random pictures and talking about them. Let's dive right into it!

I'll start with our Million Dollar View on our way to hockey (summer) practice three times a week. We don't always have this abnormally good visibility, but when we do I have to take a picture while driving.

DJ Colin ripping music CDs and assigning them to playlists. He's really skilled with technology as probably all kids his age are.

Can you believe they closed our drive-in grocery pick-up place? I'm so bummed. It was a super convenient time saver for me. On their last day of business we shopped there for the last time, and people left thank you notes on a white board. One person must have brought a rose, I thought it was really touching.

C is friends with triplets. Actually they look like an individual sibling and twins. That day I managed to keep the identical ones apart, yay! Either way we invited them over for a make your own pizza lunch party, and they did a nice job.

If you're a regular reader you know that I have been without the support of my husband, mom and coworker for a while, and it's been tough. Really glad one after the other returned, and we resumed everyday life. This is at the airport, the night my Mom arrived. My Dad made it a tradition to have salmon and white wine ready for their reunion celebration, so it's only fitting the salmon gets to be in the family picture, don't you think?

This is Colin's sad face for not getting to play with my phone while waiting for dinner. He keeps thinking gadget time is a human right. What's with his war paint? They applied it during boy-scout activities.

The Swiss ice hockey team did very well at the world championship. They defeated big teams like the Czech Republic and Canada and made it to the quarter finals. It was certainly a proud moment every time the Swiss national anthem was being played for our guys! I try to imagine how their Moms are sniffling in front of their TV at home...

Every year our village holds a race to determine the fastest runner per age group. Colin missed the starting signal and wasn't able to catch up the lost second. He was pretty bummed about it and needed to hug a friend.


EV Zug, the hockey franchise Colin plays for, is celebrating their 50 years' anniversary. Over the course of this year several celebrations and other activities are going down. One is the decorating of their team mascot, the bull, actually about 200 bulls, all over town, sponsored by several businesses. This one was at the local shopping mall. Here's the before picture:


Those were my top ten random pictures. I like to think that I'm an emotional photographer. When I'm happily out, exploring, I usually take tons of pictures. If I'm stressed out or grumpy though, there will be zero photos.

Do you like taking pictures? Do you have a favourite subject like people, nature or architecture? Please tell me down in the comments section or link up your own post using the linky-tool. Feel free to leave your Instagram, too. Here's mine.

What's up next Thursday, June 8st? We'll list ten reasons that make our favourite place on earth so special. Thank you for unintentionally bringing up that prompt, Lissa @ Rainswept! Here's the linkup.

The week after that, June 15, we'll be talking about the top ten things that help to keep cool (or calm) this summer, literally or figuratively speaking! Sign up here. Bring a friend if you like!