#100HAPPYDAYS, Days 11 - 20

Welcome back to #100HAPPYDAYS!

Ten days ago we left off with Freddy the turtle. Let's see what these ten days brought:

Day 11 I got to achieve one of my to-do goals before Colin left for boyscout camp: purchased, washed and labeled each and every clothing item, packed for every weather scenario, and if you know me, you have an idea how much I hate packing. 

As a reward I made some cauliflower patties for my dinner while the guys had pasta, and I didn't even mind. Have I officially become a health nut?

On Day 12 everybody around Lenzburg attended Jugendfest. Since the famous manoeuvre only takes place every other year, this year's parade was strictly white dresses, and Colin thought it was too boring for him, he'd much rather go to the mall! His every wish is my command (as long as it includes an hour of freedom), so off we went! Even squeezed in a hair appointment for the young man.

It's not often that Colin claims "Mom, I'm bored" (actually it was a direct result of my refusing to give him the iPad again) but when he did on Day 13, I pulled up my Pinterest board, and we went through one of the many lists I saved there. At "write a story" he stopped and claimed that's what he was going to do if he was allowed to use the computer. He wrote half a page, and the beginning of the story sounds promising. Let's see if there are going to be more chapters. Either way, observing him type made me pretty proud. Later that day we quickly dropped in at my parents' and ended up staying longer, having a glass of wine while Colin and his cousin were playing. It's not often that my parents, brother and I get to do that with him living in Israel.

I dreaded Day 14 because it was the day he was leaving for camp #1. However when I saw him and some of his mates dressed up as pirates (the theme of the camp), I couldn't help but smile. Also I was brave when it was time to say goodbye. I only cried at bedtime. How was he feeling about sleeping in a tent? Was he comfortable? Was his sleeping bag warm enough? "At least he's with his best friends." I told myself.

I don't always have a fixed idea, but when I do I need to make it happen immediately. So on Day 15 I drove almost an hour back and forth to shop at a Mexican specialty shop in the Basel area that carries Chipotle in Adobo sauce cans!! It also gave me an opportunity to meet with my airline friend for lunch.

Day 16 - A coworker's 50th birthday! He had invited us to meet at the edge of the woods for a low-key BBQ. A couple of days prior to that date one of his best friends sent out an e-mail saying "The woods? BS! You are all invited to my place! I recently had a swimming pool built, it's time to have some guests around!" Surprise pool party it was! One of his other friends who runs Andy's Place Restaurant set up the bar. I thought it was epic!

One day down, five more to go without Colin... On Day 17 I caught up on some work and met my friend for drinks and dinner at Torre, the panoramic restaurant. F&B was great, service was slow, but it allowed us to just talk without the kids (or husbands) interrupting. I think in all those years we managed to go out on a ladies' night three times. Imagine that!

Time for my hair appointment on Day 18! As I got out of the salon it was raining, and on my grocery run I came across this cute zip-up hoodie that was calling my name. Also I used the chipotles I mentioned above to marinade my chicken, it turned out yummy! I put on sweat pants and watched Legally Blonde 1 & 2!

Day 19 it was tough to come up with something that made me happy. It was on OK, yet average, uneventful day at the office. Hubby was too exhausted to go out for dinner - good thing the wife wasn't too exhausted to whip up dinner at home?!?! Anyway. A thunderstorm was approaching which I usually don't mind, but - my baby was out there! In a tent! All alone, with wolves howling and stuff! The rain was coming down hard, too. I decided to look at the bright side and say "I'm happy it's over" about an hour later. 

Day 20 I kept busy exercising, grocery shopping and doing laundry before it was time to pick up our boy, have him take a shower (only his second one all week!) and leave for another friend's 50th birthday (only our second one all week!) It was (supposed to be) a surprise, but somehow she figured out that her husband and sister were planning some event, still she was surprised that so many people made it, and some of us even performed a Zumba dance wearing pink T-Shirts!

These were my 11 - 20 out of #100HAPPYDAYS! Stay tuned for more! 

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