Point of View

OK, July began, I blinked, July is over! Here we are for another episode of PJ Harmer's photo blogging challenge. This month's theme is "point of view", and I am going to tackle it in two ways:

  • Matter of opinion
  • Perspective 

We'll start with an easy one. I think we can all agree that it's not only a matter of opinion that this driver lacks spacial sense. I talked about more of my pet peeves over here.

We did a better job parking our car and headed to the ice cream place

Colin had spent the first of his four weeks' summer break at boyscouts' camp, and even though he claimed it was pretty great I could tell he was way out of his comfort zone, especially with sleeping in a tent and never having a quiet moment to himself. (Can you tell I can relate?) 

So for this week's hockey camp - in some people's opinion - I may have gone a bit overboard and prepared those color coded ziplock baggies that not only contain his underwear, socks and T-Shirts for the day but a small surprise: chewing gum, stickers, a book, Minions pencils... 

He loved it when I did it last spring when I went on vacation alone while he had to go to school at home. The picture was taken lying on the floor: perspective!

This is the bus that was taking them to the mountains where they will kick off the season on the ice while outside the arena temps still creep up to 85 - 95°F. The kids could see us, but we couldn't see them - just waving and blowing kisses at the bus!

I'm writing this in the newly refurbished Starbucks in his hockey town. I read comments from customers who don't like the new interior. Classic case of "matter of opinion" - from my point of view it looks pretty classy!

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Happy Monday - I know, that's a matter of opinion...