Top Ten Thursday - How Rude

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're talking about the impolite, indecent and inconsiderate things other people do:

  1. Cutting in line. At the grocery store, in freeway traffic jam,.. I don't care whether you're in a hurry, we all have our schedules and commitments, and we all wait our turns!
  2. Passing other people's ideas as your own. Would it hurt you to give credit to those who actually deserve it?
  3. Smoking in restrooms and parking garages, on train tracks, right next to entrances so non-smokers have no way to avoid the smell as they enter or exit a building, elevator, etc. Gross. Also, please, if you're smoking, don't browse clothing displays on the sidewalk. Other people might want to purchase those T-Shirts, but they don't need the cigarette smell to come with it. (No, in Switzerland we don't have a law that prohibits smoking within x feet from an entrance. We call ourselves lucky that smoking in restaurants has been forbidden since 2009, it was about darn time.)
  4. Throwing away your cigarette butt on the floor, come on now, you can do better than that!!
  5. Only calling or talking to people if you need something from them. It is so obvious, aren't you ashamed of yourself?
  6. Not doing your job and expecting to get away with it. In German we have this mnemonic for team: "toll, ein anderer macht's" translates to "yay, someone else is taking care of it" No! You get off your butt and contribute!
  7. Freeloading. I am a generous person, but don't take my generosity for granted, return the favour once in a while! This applies to my time, money and blog post comments!
  8. Occupying additional seats in public transportation. Put your ?#@*&%! backpack in the overhead compartment or on your lap so that paying passengers may sit down in a train / bus that is already crowded.
  9. Keep your distance and don't push your shopping cart in my butt, it won't go any faster! Also I can't pull out of my parking spot if you block my way. It's technically impossible. Speaking of parking. They painted those lines for a reason: They indicate where one spot ends and the next one begins. Don't be a moron and use two spots for your car. Also please don't park in the reserved spots for disabled drivers or families with small children. Be grateful you can walk on your own two legs!
  10. Do I really have to say it? Clean up after yourself in the ladies' room. This is disgusting!

Aaaaww, it was good to let it all out!

What are your pet peeves? Leave me a comment down below or link up your own post using the linky-tool.

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The week after, August 3rd, let's list the top ten situations we were (or wished we were) a bigger person. Standing up for ourselves or someone else, speaking up instead of chickening out, getting out of our comfort zone, stepping up to the plate, you get the picture. Tough topic, let's go for it!