Top Ten Thursday - July Holidays

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're talking about top ten things we (dis)like about a Holiday taking place in July, be it Canada Day, Independence Day, National Peach Ice Cream or 7-Eleven Day (yes, those are actual holidays, check out this list of national holidays for more fun ones!) 

For me in Switzerland there aren't any national holidays going on (ours takes place August 1st) but in July we have lots of end of school year activities going on, plus our youth festival. Read about Jugendfest in my hometownStill we like to include some of the North American influence.

My list? Let's see:

  1. Any reason to celebrate is a plus!
  2. My Barbies finally get out of their St. Patrick's Day clothes.
  3. I allow myself to make (and eat) some cheesecake and be otherwise creative with food.
  4. People you usually never see leave their houses to watch the parade or participate in games, at the very least have some food next to the fairground.
  5. This year a couple of coworkers and I are actually going to walk in the parade! 
  6. As if the time before school summer break wasn't stressful enough, every group of people wants to have their BBQ, garden party, bike tour, you name it - it tends to get too much, and you can't be everywhere at the same time.
  7. The fact that our company plays an active part in the parade means laundry and ironing for me: booo! We are going to wear custom ordered T-Shirts, and who if not part-time working Mom will take care of it?
  8. It's summer, but it's summer in Switzerland: you can't know what to expect weather-wise. It can be hot and humid (booo!) just right, sunny, blue sky (yay!) or rainy and cold (booo!)  Will activities take place? What to wear, what to pack?
  9. I'm just glad Colin doesn't switch teachers this year, otherwise it'd be up to me to take care of farewell gifts.
  10. In addition to "public" events, quite a bit of our friends turn 50 this year, we - along with about 80 other people - have already been invited to one big party, and two are going to follow this summer. While it's nice to know we belong to so many circle of friends, again, it gets too much. I tend to prefer smaller events that actually allow you to talk to the person whose birthday it is.

Mixed feelings as you can see.

What about you, do you like the activities going on in July in your area? Tell me about them in the comments below or link up your own post.

Next week, July 13, it's time to present the top ten items on our current to-do list! The stuff you keep procrastinating will do as soon as you have time! For me it definitely includes filing documents and cleaning out kitchen cabinets, ugh! Here's the sign-up.

Thursday, July 20, we'll be talking about the top ten things that people do which we consider rude, arrogant or otherwise inappropriate: strangers in the street, waiters, coworkers, bosses, family members, go, tell us about them! Do they cut in line? Throw cigarette butts on the floor, steal ideas? Sign-up here.