Top Ten Thursday - To-do List

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're presenting our current to-do list, in hopes to get those things done once we've put them on paper. You know, the sh** we've been meaning to do once we've got time. Hahaha!

Here goes:
  1. Stash away St. Patrick's Day and Easter decoration, clean up living room and decorate for July 4th party (done at publishing day of this post, not that we had any party, but the green stuff is gone, and my Barbies were wearing blue, white and red)
  2. Clean out and wash car --> attend U.S. Car Meeting (done, even blogged about it.)
  3. Fix mobile phone plan issue, see below
  4. Decalcify steamer oven (done), clean out kitchen cabinets (overdue)
  5. Wash and iron jerseys for youth festival and field hockey tournament (done, blog post scheduled for tomorrow)
  6. Finally have dryer fixed (done, yay, only took about two month, maybe three)
  7. Label Colin's clothes and camping gear, shop and pack for boyscouts' camp (halfway there, need to get started today with the actual labelling and packing!!!)
  8. Label more of Colin's clothes and hockey gear, pack for hockey camp (not due till end of the month, he needs to come home from boyscouts camp and dump dirty laundry first.)
  9. File documents of 2015 - 2017, declutter home office (overdue, duh, but hey, nobody is complaining)
  10. Negotiate with school about Colin's month-to-month practice schedules colliding with class (I placed my situation with his teacher last week, need to follow up)

In 2010 when hubby bought the first iPhone for me, it came with a plan that included x amount of minutes to make phone calls and 100 MB data download. Whatever I exceeded, I was charged extra, but that worked fine for me. My carrier sent me messages on a regular basis to try and tell me my plan was going to be phased out, and I needed a “better” plan. 

Well, the one time I actually called it turned out that any new plan would only be better for my phone provider, not for me, so I never bothered again. 

A couple of weeks ago I got a letter. It said “Your plan is discontinued, however we are happy to inform you that we have upgraded you to a new plan that allows you to make more phone calls and texts and download more data.” 

OF COURSE upon researching I found out that I would also be charged about 1.5 times the amount I pay today, my extra charges included. 

I was very mad. Also those changes were going to be put into effect in about 6 weeks' time. Hello? If I was going to quit my plan prior to its expiration date, I’d be charged penalty fees, but they could just go ahead and charge more money whenever they pleased?

Luckily - for them - it was a Sunday, so I couldn’t call and yell at them. Instead I told my husband who promptly pulled up a website. A couple of clicks later he presented me with a carrier’s plan that not only offered more services but charged less money, too! Yay! And they were going to take care of everything, I didn’t have to call or send any letters. 

Today, as I’m typing this (June 26), I switched SIM cards and I am already running on my new plan, my former carrier sends me a text “In order to make full use of your phone, you need a new plan, kindly visit us at a store or call" (insert at-your-own-cost business number). Hahahaha! Are they for real?

Colin is going to spend a week at Cevi (Boyscout) and hockey camp. 

*I still have no instructions from Cevi, but I got a list of things he needs to bring to hockey camp. One of the things to do for me is to label each of his items if we want them back by the end of camp. Imagine a pile of almost identical T-Shirts, socks and shinguards! While some items can be marked with a Sharpie, others need better means. For example his “bodysuit” is black and has no tags with washing instructions that you could use to write his name on. 

I googled and found… labels to iron on clothes. I ordered about a hundred labels, so I am waiting for the day temperatures are going to drop to a level that are acceptable for me to fire on the iron. Of course I am also waiting for a motivational push...

*Got the boyscouts' list less than a week prior to the camp. He's supposed to have plain white T-Shirts to paint on. And a pirate costume. Where do I get a costume in July? Also they ask for his vaccine certificate. Why? If he has a rash they will rule out measles because he is inoculated? 

He also got a last minute invitation for a bicycle treasure hunt. He only had his baby bike, so in yet another fire drill I dragged hubby to the sports store to help pick (and take home) a a bicycle. He had to fold down both back seats and come back for C and I to pick us up!

By the time we get to drop Colin off for his first camp, I'll be burnt out. By the time he leaves for his second camp, I will probably change my blog's name to "Empty Nest Mom". 

The thought of him being away is not pleasant, let me tell you. I will have to work, make up for lost time due to his practice schedule, and I do have some stuff scheduled, hair appointment, dinners, it's not that I don't know what to do with myself (ultimate freedom, I will have it!!), but I will miss having the little man around. I'll probably watch new videos of those freaks he follows, Unspeakable Gaming, Mooseplays and ProperDummies, just to feel like he's in the room...

Well, I digressed - big time. Sorry about that. 

So how do you like the things I still need to do? Feel like helping me out? Maybe I can take something off your shoulders? Let me know down below or link up your own post using the linky-tool.

What's next? 

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