10 Days of Heat - Camp Life

Welcome back to 10 Days of Heat! Today we're talking about Camping - of all things. Actually the topic was meant to be "camps" as in summer camps, but I misunderstood. Oohps!

Another topic that goes to prove that I am not
  • A summer person
  • An outdoorsy person 
  • An adventurous person
  • A person who knows how to have fun - obviously, right?
If I am neither of those things, what does that make me? A dull mall gal, haha, and I feel pretty good about that.

Travel light! Exhibition in Williams Lake's visitor center

I know that for many people camping is the ultimate adventure and embodiment of freedom, they keep making unforgettable memories, and that's wonderful! 

So - in my eyes - what's wrong with camping? 

My top ten reasons:
  1. I simply can't see the point / fun in it. I only have so many days off, why would I use them to do something I dislike?
  2. I hate to pack. Why schlep all those things, equipment, gear, call it what you like, to the wilderness only to do there what you would usually do at home - cooking, drinking, sleeping - where everything, appliances, electricity and water included, is at your disposal, no hassle.
  3. Insects: I hate mosquitos, flies, wasps, spiders (yeah, yeah, they're not technically insects. Details, details) you name it. I hate them at home, I hate them outside. They drive me crazy. I can't eat, I can't relax, I can't sleep when they're around. 
  4. Bed: I have trouble sleeping as it is, why would I choose more trouble by lying on an air mattress in a sleeping bag?
  5. Strange noises: I like animals. I observe them, I take pictures, I do some research (ask me about bear poop, I know a thing or two!) - all those things apply by day. At night kindly be quiet and don't scare me with your howling, screeching, barking, etc.
  6. Dirt / bacteria: I worry about the cold chain. Raw chicken is certainly at risk out there. I like my bottled water cold, and I wanna know what makes barbecued meat and veggies so special just because they are covered in ashes and come with a side of fir needles?
  7. Hygiene: I like an actual room with a flushable bowl and at the very least a sink (a shower would be better) with running water. I hate to be smelly, and I feel I am if I can't take a shower on a regular basis. I just don't feel comfortable.
  8. I don't have any survival skills. I don't know what to look for in a suitable location, I can't set up a tent, I can't hunt, I can't fish, I can't interpret what it means if the birds are flying low and stuff. I looked it up, though. A thunderstorm may be approaching.
  9. Which brings me to my next point: I don't know what to do if bad weather strikes. What is safe to do / to be if there is lightning, hail, avalanches? Let's not forget that I would hate to be camping in pouring rain.
  10. There is no WIFI in the forest.  Maybe not even cell phone reception! How am I supposed to call for help?

An airline friend posted this a couple of days ago:

Here's what I wanted to comment: "Oh my goodness, why are you guys doing this to yourselves?"

Here's what I actually wrote: "As long as you're having fun. There is wine, right?"

Speaking of fun. Here's something I like about camping! 

Jokes about camping. Here goes:

How do you feel about camping? Love it? Hate it? Why?

Let me know down below and don't forget to check out what my fellow bloggers have to say.