10 Days of Heat - Fireworks

Welcome back to another episode of 10 Days of Heat!

Today's prompt is "fireworks", and they happen to be one of my favorite things in life!

A while ago in a different blogging challenge group I got the question "What country do you think has the most awesome fireworks display?" 

I went ahead and answered as follows (original post published July 2015)

In order to answer it properly, I should probably have attended the World Pyro Olympics in Manila, Phillippines.

Even then, it'd probably be super hard to choose the most awesome one!

Did I tell you that I love fireworks? I love them even better when they include the following:
  • they are being displayed near a body of water
  • they are being displayed near some nice scenery
  • there is some music going along with it
For that reason, Sydney, Australia is definitely one that I'd consider one of the most awesome ones.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France is also a great place for a fireworks / music show!

The next one is 30 minutes long, so you probably won't watch it today. It was in Nagaoka, Japan. Some of these signs actually state that Japan has the most beautiful fireworks in the world. Not exactly sure which signs ;-)


So that's settled ;-)

Or not. Of course it doesn't hurt if the fireworks take place in the most awesome city (San Diego):

How about edible fireworks?

How about you? Do you like fireworks? Or do you and / or your poor dog try to avoid them? Do you think they're a huge waste of money and are bad for the environment? Let me know in the comments down below.

Before you leave, please head over to our host's blog where my fellow authors link up their posts. 

Oh, and one more thing: Whatever you do, don't put the fireworks on your head