10 Days of Heat - On a hot Summer's Night...

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Remember back in January? 

We did 20 Days of Chill, hosted by A 'lil Hoohaa, and we were publishing diverse pieces every weekday. 

This month it's going to be 10 Days of Heat, and there will be posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Today's prompt is 

On a hot Summer's Night...

While you're probably hoping for the beginning of a steamy romance that includes a bonfire, BBQ dinner, a walk, hey, make it a dip, on the beach and feeding each other ice cream in front of the open fridge, blindfolded, I will have to disappoint you. 

I am not a summer person. 

Heat and humidity make me cranky and uneasy. 

Average residential buildings don't have air conditioning in Switzerland, so on a hot Summer's Night, what you may expect is sticky air, mosquitos and insomnia.

The good news is if I can't sleep long enough, I'll get creative in the middle of the #$@&%*! night. I get up, get myself a chilled bottle of water and write. Many of my posts were done on a hot Summer's Night. 

I also watch YouTube and scroll through Pinterest. Vlogs, Recipes, Crafts - anything to get inspired. Inspiration leads to research and online shopping. 

And before you know it it's getting light outside and I sneak over to the bedroom to try and catch at least an hour of sleep before another crazy (and over fatigued) day begins. 

Coffee. Lots of coffee!!

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