10 Days of Heat - Orange

Welcome back to another installment of 10 Days of Heat! Today's prompt is sweet and short, just orange.

What do you associate with orange?

For me it's Orange County in California, basically the area between Los Angeles and my second home San Diego. Among others Anaheim and Irvine are located in Orange County, and some 3 million people live there, that's almost half of the Swiss population (we have 8.4 million in total). 

Orange county's surface area is 800 square feet, the equivalent of 2,000 km2, Switzerland's entire area only covers some 40,000 km2 (=16,000 square miles), the state of California alone is ten times larger and is home to 40 million people. Check out this map, it's mind blowing!

When I was living in CA I though it was a good idea to have breakfast in San Francisco with my friend and drive back to San Diego where I had to be in class at 7pm on the same day. 

It's roughly a 500 miles' journey. In Europe it's almost as if I was driving from my town in Switzerland all through Germany to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Nobody, nobody, would have breakfast in Amsterdam and plan on being back in Zurich by 7pm! 

PS: I was only half an hour late for class!

Orange is also the color that says Halloween to me, one of my favorite holidays. We like to decorate, bake and cook our little hearts out for our annual Halloween parties. 

Jack'o'Lanterns, ghosts, skeletons, you name it, we make it. 

Not too long ago we had a photo blogging challenge that was all about colors. An airline friend put this orange airplane to my disposal. Check out his Instagram account, he's a awesome plane spotter and photographer. Mango Airline claims to be South Africans most innovative airline - which isn't too hard because there aren't that many ;-)

Orange is my son Colin's favorite color, and it suits him well, summer or winter.

Before you leave, here are some (knock-knock) jokes, featuring orange. 

I admit there aren't many knock-knock jokes I genuinly like. This one is no exception, sorry. On the other hand orange you glad there was only one of them?

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PS: For Lissa: