#100HAPPYDAYS, Days 31 - 40

Welcome back to #100HAPPYDAYS! 

Ten days ago we left off cleaning out my closet. Let's see what I have been up to this time:

Day 31 was another 95° blue sky day. Work in the morning, eye exam in the afternoon, and my optician was happy to confirm that my eyesight is stable. So glad! I have been wearing glasses since I was a little girl, and I can't tell you how many times I have tried to decipher those tiny letters in the lowest line...

Instead of toasting store-bought bread I decided to make my own and add a little cinnamon to give it an extra twist. Also fall can't be far! Day 32:

Day 33: about ten days late we celebrated 13 years of marriage at our new favourite panorama restaurant. Got a postcard from Colin, too. A truly great day!

Time to pick up hockey guy from camp. Watched their final practice and went for a smoothie. And some ice cream. Because we were really happy to have him back! Day 34:

Day 35: Remember when Colin wanted me to buy him the game of life and I said no? Well, Daddy thought it was time now. In the first round he piled up debts and made some decisions that didn't turn out so well. Next time? Meet my son, a Dad to twins, physician, villa owner,... 

Day 36: Mommy & Son Day at the Mall. Doesn't get much better than that!

Day 37: Office Day - they are always a bit hard because I while I don't dislike my job, there is usually not much sticking out and making me smile. That day my long lost friend from elementary and high school got back in touch. He had left the country rather unexpectedly, and we were all in shock back then. Sent him tons of letters to ask about his new life and tell him about ours. Guess what, he kept them all. And since he's become a journalist, writer, book author even, he's planning on writing about that time when we were 16.
Also he's going to attend our high school reunion we're organising in November!

Day 38: 
9:48am e-mail from Mireillle, Colin's hockey group's administrator and spokesperson. She let us know that next Thursday there is going to be a video shoot with the "big" hockey guys. The little ones (well, 35 out of over 70 kids) are supposed to be there at 11:30am. 

Wow, what an opportunity! This video is going to be played prior to every home game, and my son is going to be in it! Wait a minute. Next Thursday? Back to school is on Monday. WTH? 

Colin may have to go to school next week in our state, but not the kids in Zug, they have another week off. 

Shoot. Forget about it in that case. 

Am I going to tell him at all? I guess, he'll hear about it from his teammates anyway. 

I explained to him how grateful we have to be that our request to miss some classes has been granted at all so he can make every practice. 

He still pulled his best sad face.

1:26pm, I had just dropped off Colin for Wednesday practice, a bunch of text messages went back and forth between hubby and I. I can't believe he wants to try and go for it. He wants = I have to beg the teacher.

2:01pm e-mail to Mireille "I am trying to get a hold of Colin's teacher, if she OKs it, we're in!"
2:10pm. e-mail to Colin's teacher. "I know you have been more than generous, and I wouldn't ask for yet another exception, however..." I was praying she was not hanging out at a beach on the opposite side of the world.
7:52pm Mireille says she can't hold a spot for him, I should sort out school first. I know, I know,...
8pm - his wonderful teacher replied we were certainly welcome to use our half day off per quarter. 
8:01pm e-mail to Mireille "teacher is game, we're in, please confirm!"
8:05pm e-mail from system administrator "your message could not be delivered, we will keep trying". Damn it!!! Don't spoil this, technology!! There are only so many spots, and we can't miss ours!!! Sent another message, got another error.
10:36pm Remembered that I have a mobile number for Mireille. Texted her. 
10:53pm (by which time I was already asleep) she confirmed.
10:46am the next morning: the list of the lucky youngsters was published. Colin and his closest friends made it! Made me so happy! 

PS: I am not sure my husband understand I will have to leave the office early yet again that day...

Day 39: After all those years finally managed to have dinner with my lovely partner in crime! Nadja was technically my assistant when we were working for Starbucks. She was so much more though. Friend, confidante, sparring partner, reality check,...
Today she's the head of Zurich's Casino's HR department, and that's where we had dinner. Well, not at the roulette table ;-)

Day 40: Thanks to my fitness instructor's recomendation I found a lady - a fellow Zumba participant - who is willing to help me sort out the legwarmer sewing project. Also hubby offered to take Colin to practice, meaning I could actually work a regular office day, leave at 5:30pm and be done! I was at home, in my PJ, having dinner at 6pm!

These were my 31 - 40 out of #100HAPPYDAYS! Stay tuned for more! 

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