Blog with Friends - Happiness Happens

Welcome back to another episode of Blog with Friends. After School is out I skipped July. This months' theme is Happiness happens which fits right into my daily #100HAPPYDAYS posts.

In spring 2014 I came across the #100HAPPYDAYS challenge and jumped at the opportunity.

#100happydays Website

Some people review their day before going to sleep, others keep their gratitude journal, I post a picture and a couple of words, it doesn't really matter, as long as those things somehow get visualized. Of course the "pressure" of posting daily forces you to keep your eyes open and maybe walk through your days more consciously. 

A FB friend who joined me back then suggested we'd go for another round so we kicked-off in July. Every ten days I copy and paste my daily pictures and texts into a blog post:
Now Blog with Friends is supposed to be a collection of crafts, recipes or otherwise useful posts. I feel like I should come up with a Top Ten list on "how do be happy" so here goes:

  1. There are always at least two sides to the story. Look on the bright side!
  2. Listen to upbeat music. Sing along loudly! Walking on Sunshine, Katrina & the Waves
  3. Spend time with kids and / or pets, soak up the unconditional love!
  4. Call somebody who always manages to make you smile.
  5. Count your blessings, it could always be worse! 
  6. Take a walk, admire the view, breathe, smell the roses.
  7. Volunteer, give back - makes you feel good about yourself.
  8. Enjoy some down-time at the spa or your own bathtub. Light a scented candle or use a drop of essential oil.
  9. Call it a day and try to get a good nights' sleep in your lucky PJs.
  10. If all else fails: chocolate, coffee, wine!

Here's a guy who has something to say to you as well:

As always, it's a matter of attitude. You can choose to be grumpy and complain about the bad weather (and God knows I am guilty of it sometimes...) or:

Also this! "Choose happiness" may sound like yet another platitude, but if you think about it... There are people who spend their lives holding grudges and blaming others for their unfortunate twists in life but refuse to take responsibility and take matters into their own hands to actually improve things. Do you you want to be right or happy?

What do you think? On a scale of 1 - 10 how happy are you? How can you climb up a notch?

Mood Tracker

Maybe you'll find something you can do right now? Check out what my happy friends came up with:

  • Happiness is to celebrate every day not with cake or ice cream but with cake and ice cream by Karen @ Baking in a Tornado. Sounds just about right to me!
  • Get inspired and spread positivity by rock painting over at Alicia @ TaylorLife.
  • Think chips make you happy but worry about your weight? Look no further, Dawn @ Spatulas on Parade has got you covered!
  • Post about the little things that make you happy every day by me, Part-time working Hockey Mom
  • Rabia @ The Lieber Family can't wait to send her kids back to school, she even came up with a door / wall decoration for the occasion!
  • Happiness is Strawberries, simple as that! Says Minette @ Southern Belle Charm, and I think she's onto something!
  • DIY project: Make a fabulous backyard clubhouse by Lydia @ Cluttered Genius
What do you take away from this post? What makes you happy? Thank you for leaving a comment - see you soon!