Summer Fun

Welcome back for another episode of PJ Harmer's monthly photo blogging challenge!

August's theme is "Summer Fun".

Allright, let's see. I've been to Japan and Alaska, and I am just about to catch my flight to New York, surely I must have been taking tons of great pictures. 

There's a catch, though. Those trips were only fictional ones as part of the 10 Days of Heat writing challenge that has been going on this month. 

So because I had to be writing for 10 Days of Heat all the time, I didn't actually get out to enjoy summer!

Just kidding. 

As usual I was having a hard time picking only five. Now that I did, let me share them with you:

Technically this one goes back to mid-July when a coworker and friend celebrated his 50th birthday. He wanted to keep it very low-key and invited us to a forest location for a BBQ. His best friend secretly invited us to their home. He needed an inauguration party for the new pool, he said. Fine with us!

Another coworker recommended a farm store that Colin and I went to check out - by bicycle! It's about a 30 minutes' ride each way, and the produce they offer is beautiful! Great assortment too, especially considering the square footage that little room has got. 

Prices are chalked up, and there's a notepad, a calculator and an honesty box. Perfect summer school for Mr C! If we want to buy blueberries, a pound of carrots, cherry tomatoes and a jar of homemade goose-/strawberry jam, how much do we owe?

Colin was gone for two out of four weeks this summer break. One camping trip with his boyscouts group and one training camp with the hockey guys. The latter took place in Engelberg (angel's mountain) a resort from which we picked him up at the end of camp. 

The ice hockey arena is just on the right hand side of this street. Pretty picturesque view on your way to practice! 

The first weekend after the kids went back to school there is the traditional Father/Kids weekend Colin and hubby left for - giving me some much appreciated me-time and an opportunity to check off a Swiss travel bucket list item: the Caring Hand! It's a sculpture in an urban park that seems to hold the oak.

In that park I met a girl who was distributing flyers for her family's thrift store opening which I later went to check out (leaving with a bag full of DVDs...)

The next day I attended the annual Super Corvette Sunday. always a highlight on the last Sunday in August! Classic ones, modern ones, convertibles, regulars,... just gorgeous! 

Country music playing, people wearing cowboy hats and plaid shirts walking around, clichés, I know. Still enjoying it!

I could have used this picture for an earlier photo blog challenge this year, remember the little red Corvette as part of "Colors"?

Anyway. Today summer is either taking a break or slowly retiring. It's rainy and cool-ish; perfect to post the top ten reasons why I love this on the brink transition period from summer to fall. 

I used the day to finish all the (other) posts that are due, the final 10 Days of Heat show-down in New York and Days 51 - 60 of #100HAPPYDAYS, to be published tomorrow. 

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