Top Ten Thursday - On the Brink

Today we're

That's right -  in today's post we're listing our top ten signs for summer to come to an end: what do we (dis)like about this time of year?

If I was having a hard time writing about summer (The 10 Days of Heat challenge came up with all sorts of tough topics like best summer memory, the pool, the beach, camping,...) the signs of summer coming to an end are certainly awakening my spirits!

Let's get started:
  1. Back to School: While I am not one of those Moms who are doing the happy dance once the kids are finally out of the house again, I don't mind going back to a more structured routine. Plus I really like the first days of the new school year because you can see all those newly minted first graders proudly walking to school, you can barely spot them though, because their school bags are so large in comparison to their height!
  2. Temperatures: while the days are still decently warm and sunny, the nights are getting cooler, allowing me to sleep better. Awwww!!! Much needed. Heat and humidity makes me cranky, same goes for the hubby, so it can get tense at times.
  3. Fashion: Not that I went "fall clothes shopping" for the latest fancy stuff, I just like to look at the fur and leather items while wearing one of my favourite old sweaters. Sweaters!! They finally come back into action, yay! I typically swap purses at this time of year: from light to darker colors.
  4. Scents: the crisp air makes you feel like finally you can breathe well again! The scents I am really talking about though, are the spices. It's time for apple pies and cinnamon rolls, and the house smells amaaaazing! This week I made sweet potato muffins, I will blog about it soon. They were so yummy.
  5. Scenery: there are fields of gorgeous sunflowers, and on the trees the leaves are starting to turn yellow, orange and red, so pretty! While there is already some fog happening in the mornings (yeah well, something's gotta give) as the sun comes out the skies are of a deeper blue than in summer.
  6. Anniversary Blend: by mid-September Starbucks' shelves are being stocked with the earthy, spicy Anniversary Blend of the year. It's a blend of full-bodied, rich and dense beans from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and aged Sumatra. For other people of course it's time for the first pumpkin spice latte.
  7. Harvest: As I was saying... pumpkin! Chestnuts, corn, prunes, apples - anything you might want for comfort food! 
  8. Vintage: I left out grapes because they deserve a special mention. Time to pick those sweet wine berries and put them to work!
  9. Hunt: I feel a bit conflicted about it. I think deer are cute animals, and I don't want to think that this is what is on my plate. On he other hand we always look forward to the start of venison season, and it's not only for the meat. I like the side dishes just as much, even the Brussels sprouts.
  10. Last but not least, the official Swiss league's ice hockey season starts with the first game on 9/7 - not long now. Colin's first tournament is this coming weekend, so keep your fingers crossed for him!

Bonus item: Almost time to plan those Halloween activities! 

How do you feel about being on the brink? Sad to see summer go? Happy about the great benefits fall brings? Let me know down below or link up your own post.

What's next?

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