Top Ten Thursday - Chores

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we'll list the Top Ten Chores we like or at least don't mind doing or absolutely hate doing and wished there was someone who'd take care of them for us. One may dream, right?

I went for a balance here, check it out:
  1. Mopping the floors: my friend swears it's the best exercise and therefore a good thing. I still hate it. Where does all the dirt come from? Cleaning supplies smell awful. That towel is disgusting, do I have to touch it? Can I manage pouring out the bucket without making a major mess that needs to be cleaned up? (See what happens here? Cleaning results in more cleaning. Uggghh.)
  2. Cleaning the bathroom, because bathroom. Plus I live with two guys. They sit down to pee. Still. Also our tap water is very calcareous, so the toilet bowl, sinks, bathtub and shower need some kick-ass scrubbing. Again, one might consider it exercise. I prefer going to Zumba for that. 
  3. Ironing. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but it never gets as perfect as I expect it to. Plus the steam ruins my hair. That iron is heavy, too, and even if it trains my muscles, it's one-sided, and I can't iron with my left hand.
  4. Purging: we have too much effing stuff and / or not enough room. I don't know where to start. I get distracted, I have a hard time parting with things that once cost money, I am attached to for sentimental reasons or I think I might still need one day. I Especially hate filing paperwork. So annoying. I usually just shove it into a drawer until it overflows. I'm currently tented to throw everything away as one never seems to need those papers anymore anyway.
  5. Changing the bedding. I am too short for those huge duvets! The mattress is too heavy, and hubby just seems to conveniently be away on those nights.

And this is why a good chunk of my payday goes straight to my cleaning lady who takes care of #1-3 every other week.

Now on to the things I don't mind doing:
  1. Folding and putting away laundry, especially when it comes straight from the dryer, smells nice and fresh and is still warm.
  2. Organizing stuff once it has been separated from the clutter. It gives me chance to enjoy my things, no matter if they are spice jars, clothes or DVDs.
  3. Grocery shopping, I mean, it's shopping!! Even though it is time consuming (I still miss the order online and pick up service we used to have for a little over a year), and there are some seriously annoying customers, retail people make it a pleasure to roam the aisles and pick up more than we need.
  4. Cooking: for some people it's a necessity to make something to eat and be done. I like the whole process: browsing the web (and YouTube) for new recipes, selecting the ingredients, prepping them and enjoying the end result (well, presuming it turned out OK!) I don't even mind (un)loading the dishwasher that much, as long as I do it the right way. Yes, there is a wrong way, and yes, I will rearrange!!!
  5. Picking up Colin and driving him to hockey practice: even though it takes up a lot of my time I consider it time well spent. Also I really like the town he plays at. I used to live there so it's kind of a second home. A fellow hockey Mom and I are planning on renting an apartment for us across the street from the arena. It has a view to the lake, and we'll use it to take naps, spend happy hour, catch up on blogging, etc. It's going to be so much fun! Kindly send your donations in favor of #BusyHockeyMomsDeserveABreak 

OK, so much for my chores, now on to you: which ones do you hate? Don't mind doing? Even love? Let me know in the comments down below or link up your own post using the linky-tool!

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