Top Ten Thursday - Decisions

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today let's talk about decisions: regular, daily ones, big important ones: what were some decisions you have taken, are making all the time or will come to in the (near) future?

Decision making is hard for some people. Lots of "what ifs" and fears. Me? I usually pretty much know what I want (or don't want, for that matter) and go for it. Except, sometimes it's not that easy. 

Let's see:

  1. What to do after school? I went to see a vocational advisor because I didn't have much of a clue what to do after high school. She guided me towards college even though I wanted to go for the fast success route and apply for an apprenticeship.
  2. Should I stay or should I go? In my early / mid 20s I had an exciting job with a placement agency. Not a high profile headhunter, more like "Manpower" for permanent office jobs. I had a lot of independence, liked my ever changing coworkers, and no two days were alike, which on the other hand also meant those days were long, exhausting and sometimes emotionally draining. Once I found the right person for the job or the other way round, they were gone, and I had to move on to the next case. Plus the pay was bad in relation to my engagement. The decision to switch sides and go work within the HR department of a company still wasn't easy.
  3. Leaving Switzerland to pursue my dream of living and working in the U.S.: Even though it was my dream, once I was at a point in my life that practically asked for the move, I was hesitant. Would I be able to pull it off all on my own? Was I crazy, what was wrong with my comfortable life here? Wouldn't I miss my family and friends?
  4. On the other hand moving back after 9/11 was a non-brainer. I just wanted to go what I ultimately considered home.
  5. Getting married. I like to think that I am able to assess what I'm getting myself into, and once I have made up my mind I am going to follow through. Pretentious? Maybe. Even so. I felt confident that if that guy was dying to put up with me in the long run,  I should definitely keep him ;-)
  6. After trying to get pregnant for a long while and using up three IUI treatments paid by our healthcare provider, we were in the situation to decide whether to give up or to blow a lot of money for IVF prcedures and put up with the risk of not only failure but health implications. Good thing Baby Colin decided for us and announced his intention to arrive the regular way.
  7. Going back to work. I'd pictured myself to be a stay at home Mom for at least a couple of years - yet around Colin's first birthday a former coworker called and told me he was working for an airline now, and they were looking for a part-time HR manager who spoke German, English and French, was I interested? I had been in the business long enough to know that opportunities like this one were not going to present themselves every day and wanted at least to throw my hat in the ring. Surely there were going to be hundreds of other applicants. The rest is history.
  8. Starting a blog. It wasn't even a conscious decision, just a spur of the moment thing. Here I am - five plus years later!
  9. My car. Since my first visit in California, a red Mustang convertible had been my dream car. 2015 the first ones were being produced for the European market. Prior to that you had to import a U.S. model at your own costs and risk, have it adapted to the standards of your country, etc. etc. Now this was not a family car. It used a lot of gas. It was expensive to purchase and maintain. Quintessentially a big fat no. My rationalization was "the hockey bag fits in the trunk" and "life is short" - and went for it. Hubby was not amused.
  10. What next? After leaving the airline, I have been working for my husband's firm which is super convenient in terms of flexibility of working hours (where else would I be able to leave in the middle of the afternoon to take my son to hockey practice?`) and proximity (the office is at the same village as our home, so I can use my lunch hour to start some laundry or go grocery shopping and put them in the fridge at home), and I like it well enough, but the job itself is not where I see myself until I retire. On the other hand I don't necessarily see myself back in the corporate world. If I want to do something else I probably have to do so before I turn 50. This is where I am stuck. I should probably go back to #1 and see a vocational advisor ;-)

Now tell me about yourself, what decisions did / do you have to deal with?
Let me a comment down below or link up your own post!

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