Top Ten Thursday - Life Swap

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're doing something *different*: imagine you are swapping your life for an amount of time with someone who doesn't know you. List the top ten things that other person needs to know or do in order to get along...

I borrowed this idea from the movie "the Holiday" with Cameron Diaz and Kate Wnslet. Their home-exchange for the Holidays turns out to be life changing... 

So let's see. If you (or you, or you) were to take the plunge and live my life, this is what would be beneficial for you to know:
  1. Here's a checklist of what you need to wash, prep and pack at least three times a week: skates, shinguards, helmet, gloves, ellbow pads, neck guard, shoulder pad, jockstrap, jersey, tube stockings, pants, stick, shower gel, towel, slippers, t-shirt, sweatsuit, cap, snacks (Colin likes a ham and cheese sandwich and a banana / strawberry smoothie)
  2. Double check training schedules every week. They often change the start times at short notice without notifying you. Don't want to yank him out of school and drive 45 - 50 minutes only to notice you're early or late, or even worse, it was cancelled altogether!
  3. You're welcome to use my Starbucks card while you wait for him to finish his practice. Skip the mall store, go to the train station store instead, it's less than a five minutes' walk, and they're more efficient and competent. They seem to be the only ones to give you gold status goodies without your insisting: if you purchase a bag of whole beans you get a free beverage. Plus their wifi actually works!
  4. If you're in trouble call Conny or Claire, my Hockey Mom friends. Even though they're super busy themselves (one has two more sons, one of them is a hockey player, too, the other one has three more kids) they'l be happy to help you out.
  5. You can find decoration items for every season in the attic. I have a box for St. Patrick's Day, a box for Easter, a box for Halloween, two boxes for Christmas, plus there is more Christmas stuff down in the basement.
  6. The night before Thanksgiving is "the Elf is back" night. Our Elf on the Shelf is called Cookie, and she spends January - November in my business case by the printer. Kindly go through my Pinterest board to find out what ideas I have used and get inspired for this season's mischief! I also started a list with new ideas here.
  7. As we only had an artificial Christmas tree last year I had to promise to get a real one this year. You may want to go to my Dad's former classmate's farm, it's a lovely place to get your tree plus a cup of hot tea and some gingerbread!
  8. Don't let my colleagues give you attitude at work. If a client wants to talk to them they have to take the phone call, it's not a bowl of cherries, it's work!
  9. Hubby isn't as clueless as he likes to make believe. He can actually (un)load a dishwasher (even if in my humble opinion he's doing it all wrong) and he can make scrambled eggs and toast, so have him take over breakfast duty at least on your days off from the office (Mondays and Thursdays), you do more than your share at home!!!
  10. Breathe ♥ You can do this!
This was a pretty tough assignment. The other person's life would have to be super exciting for me to actually want to swap. Plus at the very least I'd want to take Colin with me.

What do you think? What advice do you give the person who is taking your place? Leave a comment down below or link up your own post. Can't wait to read either!

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