#100HAPPYDAYS, Days 91 - 100

Welcome back to the final episode of #100HAPPYDAYS!

Ten days ago we left off wrapping up our last days before leaving on vacation.

On Day 91 we flew from Zurich to Toronto to Edmonton, it was a long day, but everything went really well. No long lines, no hassle, checked into our hotel, grabbed dinner across the road and went to sleep while it was still light outside.

Day 92 was our first full day in Edmonton, a city we've never been to. We were surprised by some snow in the morning, and there was a stiff breeze, too, so we tried to plan our activities accordingly. A visit to the Edmonton Oiler's stadium sounds about right, ey? Rogers Place seemed pretty new and hosts a casino and a Starbucks store, what's not to like?
Also did some shopping at the West Edmonton Mall, with 3.77 million sq ft the largest shopping mall in North America.

Day 93 After some initial car trouble we made our way from #edmonton to #calgary
Just found out that the new #walterdalebridge has only bern opened to traffic for two weeks! #edmontonviews
 — at Nick's Steakhouse and Pizza.
Very fitting that the first hockey game of the season was Edmonton Oilers vs Calgary Flames, and we weren't quite sure what team to root for since we just visited both cities and stadiums. Well, my vote went to Wayne's former team, and thanks to Connor McDavid I made a fantastic choice. He scored a hat-trick! 

Day 94 fantastic day in Downtown Calgary. Wonderland sculpture in front of the Bow Building, a 626 feet = 191 meter elevator ride up Calgary Tower, clear views to see the Rockies, crossing the Peace Bridge and dinner at Earl's. Definitely a good day!

Day 95 Many years ago we came here on a super foggy, gray and drizzly day and saw absolutely nothing. Today we came back to collect!!! #bluesky#banffnationalpark #lakelouise — in Lake Louise, Alberta.
Later that day we had another fantastic hockey experience on TV: the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins 10:1! Sorry, Sid, I know you're a triple gold club member but you can't win them all!

Day 96 Once upon a road trip in 2005 hubby and I took up a new hobby: Geocaching. While we were on vacation, and sometimes at home, we would be out there, Tupperware box hunting with a simple Garmin. As we got busy with our careers and later with baby Colin, we never seemed to manage again - till today! Hubs downloaded the app, and off we went!
Dinner @ Boston Pizza, C requested a booth with view to the game: Las Vegas Golden Knights vs Dallas Stars. 

Day 97 Driving from Golden Kicking Horse to Kamloops we experienced everything from fog to blue sky, sun, white clouds, dark clouds, rain and near snow, even a rainbow! As I'm typing this, I am sitting at a laundry place that has definitely seen better days. Of all the hotels we've stayed at, today's doesn't have a guest laundry, so here I am, spending almost ten bucks for soap, wash and dry. Well, at least there's free wi-fi.

Day 97a: Epilog: #dinner / #watchingthegame@earlsrestaurant #powerbowl
What a win! #newyorkrangers vs #torontomapleleafs 5:8, congratulations ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’
 — at Earls Kamloops.

Day 100 The gift of an ordinary day (this is actually the title of a book I've ordered but never managed to read, watch this video to get an idea what it is all about. Bring tissues!): taking the kids to the school bus stop, going grocery shopping, feeding the cows, playing some carrot hunt board game, go to sleep early. Very peaceful! Thanks again for your hospitality, Annette, we loved being part of your day!

This concludes my hundred days. It's been a wonderful journey, and I'd like to thank my companions Sophia and Judy who did the challenge with me, they did great, too!

Thanks to you, too, who have been following and supporting me! I hope you've enjoyed being part of my days.