Top Ten Thursday - Pinterest

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're doing a top ten list of Pinterest Pins! That's right, you got permission to waste spend time browsing Pinterest for stuff that looks cute but you'll never actually do at home Or maybe you will? 

Ohmygoodness!!! Is that exciting or what?

Show me what you've got - here's my collection. 

I'll start with some mason jar gift ideas that - here's a hint - I wouldn't mind getting myself:

Brighten your Day Gift Idea

How about those adorable LEGO mini figures holding your annoying cables and keeping track of your keys and other important stuff?
LEGO Man cable holder

Here's a fantastic reclaimed wood project: a Pallet Coffee Table on wheels!
You should definitely check out the link, there's a wine glass and a coffee mug holder idea, and a swing bed, and, and,...

Pallet Table with wheels

When I was a new Mom one of my goals was to have a herb garden to grow my own basil and parsley. Unfortunately it never got to that, (let's blame the fact that my stay at home Mom time was over in less than a year) 

Herb Garden

Is this a fabulous St. Patrick's Day surprise cake or what? I haven't been successful with this method (the one time I tried to make a carrot patch cake they were floating up and getting burnt, it was a mess.) but who knows, maybe I'll have to give it yet another try?

Cake of the Cakes... the Rainbow Cake! For people with incredible patience and lots of bowls... It does look fantastic, though, right?

Rainbow Cake

From March 17 to my other favorite holiday: Halloween, and while there are tons of spooky things to do, I have tried many of them already, but this one caught my eye, and I think it's a doable project with maximum effect, stack a couple of plastic pumpkin buckets, drill a hole in the head and the bottom and thread some string lights!

Jack O’ Lantern Totem

More Halloween cuteness: TP Roll Mummy Piñata! A great way to hide those little toys or candy items!

Halloween Mummy Piñata

Did somebody say "holidays"? So many cute gift, craft and food ideas all over the internet... And yet another one using jars, I can't help myself. Reindeer are among my favorite Christmas characters, and those are not only cute, but sweet, too!

Adorable Reindeer Crafts and Treats

Every season I am at awe about the artsy gingerbread houses that other people create. I can only imagine the amount of time and patience it takes. Surely more than I am capable of! I am more the type that goes for the quick fix ;-))) (This one doesn't really count...)

Now other, skilled, people... Love, love, love this log cabin! I heard about Pepperkakebyen,  the world's biggest gingerbread city. People make gingerbread houses and take them to a place where everything is being put together to a miniature version of the city of Bergen (Norway) - who is up for a visit? Me, me, me!!!

The most amazing Gingerbread Houses

For those who have been following me - you know I love Cookie, our Elf on the Shelf. I do hope Colin is not too big and cool yet, and we'll enjoy another couple of weeks of mischief and fun! This link is another collection of ideas what your elf might be up to every day.

Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas

How did you like those pins? If you could tell me to do one, which one was it? 
What's in your Pinterest Boards?? Tell me in the comment section or link up your own post using the linky-tool!

Next week October 26, I can't help myself, I want to go for another Halloween themed post even though we listed our top ten things last year. So this year why don't we narrow it down to the top ten candy we used to love as kids (or still do today?) Sign up here.

The week after, November 2nd we'll do something to improve the general depressing mood that may go around these days: Top ten tips to brighten a dull November day! Clothes, activities, foods, places to visit, things to do,... sign up here.