Top Ten Thursday - Waiting

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're listing the top ten things we do while we wait... at the dentist's office, the airport, the car shop. 

Preferably as the phone battery is low so you can't use what little is left for mindless Facebook scrolling. 
  1. Going to the ladies' room
  2. Jotting down blog ideas (like this one) in a paper notebook
  3. Cleaning out the purse, getting rid of all those empty wrappers, receipts, sticky notes,...
  4. Watching people. Of course, right? There are some strange creatures out there. Trying to make sense of the part of the conversation I've been eavesdropping on.
  5. Browsing at a newsstand, probably ending up with the latest Cosmopolitan or Elle.
  6. Having a snack - the longer the wait, the larger the meal, haha!
  7. Fiddling with my clothes or shoes. Any hair or lint to remove? Cuffs to hitch up? Laces to tie?
  8. Mentally planning the day or week: what am I going to do once I'm out of here? If the wait is getting insane, I probably have to call some people and make arrangements.
  9. Writing the grocery list
  10. Checking the time for the gazillionth time
As you can probably tell, I am not the most patient person. If it was up to me, everybody would just come through and meet me at the time we agreed on. Most of the time it's beyond my control, and I try to remain positive even though I'm feeling antsy and increasingly grumpy.

What about you, how are you killing your waiting time? Leave a comment down below or link up your own post.

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