Welcome back to A 'lil Hoohaa's Photo Blog Challenge. This month's theme is Blue, in honor of National Diabetes Month. 

Even though I already blogged about fighting the November Blues that some people suffer from, here's some more Blue November Fun to keep our minds off the rather dull and gray atmosphere dominating some parts of the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year.

Let's start with the Hockey Gingerbread House Colin made. There was this special event for all of his teammates, and two of the stars joined them. They were watching videos, playing games and decorating cakes. It was the night that ended earlier than scheduled and caused some trouble. Read all about it and more of the craziness that comes with being a hockey Mom here.

Earlier this month our Highschool Reunion took place. We combined with visiting the "Home" exhibition. Still working on an entire post about it. It's only a matter of days... 

Anyway, the Ferris Wheel is part of the museum, and even though it's usually illuminated like this one we saw last month and is only here for comparison, consider it your bonus picture,

I thought the dark blue sky qualified for this challenge!

I'm aware that two out of five pictures are not in line with "Diabetes Month". At all. I'm sorry. Those Monster Donuts are just too cute! Maybe one month we may do "sugar" as a theme?

Mr C begged me to go to the mall to check out every toy and book store there is. Of course at some point he needed a snack...

Thanksgiving is not being observed in Switzerland. It usually collides with the afternoon the Christmas tree is being erected and lightened at our village square. Not this year though. 

American friends who live in Germany were visiting Switzerland. We met at the nearby chocolate factory (when in Switzerland... Right?). Even though you are allowed to taste all the chocolate, we still wanted some lunch which we had at Andy's Place. I am not into beer and therefore didn't drink a Blue Ribbon, but I took a picture of this skateboard.

As you know I spend a lot of time around ice rinks. It's always a special moment when the Zamboni makes its way on the ice and honks, so all the skaters have to leave. Now they put up some colourful lights (I waited till they changed to blue...) and of course the Christmas Tree to give it a Central Park like atmosphere. It doesn't get much better!

This was my contribution to November's theme, I hope you enjoyed my pictures! Please head over to A'lil'Hoohaa's blog to check out the other posts.