Five Things

A while ago one of my fellow bloggers used a prompt to craft five statements about her person, one of them being untrue, and we had to guess which one. This turned into a weekly thing, and this week it was my turn.

Those were my five statements:

1️⃣ - Both my real Grandma, my step Grandmother (the lady my Dad's Dad met after his wife died, even though they never got to tie the knot because he passed away unexpectedly) and I share the same birthday, March 2nd. As far as I recall, we never got together to celebrate all three of us, though, it was always one at a time! - True
2️⃣ - I can list all U.S.and Canadian states by heart and place them on the map, and even though I only ever seem to go to the West coast, over the years, I have visited more than double of the North American states, compared to European countries. True
3️⃣ - I recently got a hefty speeding ticket, and in lieu of paying it in full, I will be serving 4 days in prison in April 2018 - expect some blog fodder there! Also I will be on probation for 5 years; should I commit any other traffic offense, my license will be suspended. True on paper, I was gonna do it just for the heck of it, but a lawyer friend totally alked me out of it.
4️⃣ - Back to school and I didn't seem to be good friends. I missed my first week(s) of Kindergarten, Elementary School as well as Extension Studies for different reasons. I did, however, make it to college on time. Actually Albert Einstein and I attended the same school, roughly 100 years apart, and amazingly our GPA wasn't all that different, his was only 0.33 higher! True
5️⃣ - I am that one odd girl who didn't find any pleasure in picking out her wedding dress. Up until six weeks before our wedding day, I didn't know what I was going to wear, and my fiancé practically had to drag me to a wedding dress store because he refused to meet me down that aisle in jeans. Of course, with being short and all, the dress I chose needed alterations, and so it happened that I didn't get to pick it up until a week before our wedding day. True

Would you have guessed right?