Happy Halloween 2017

Before diving head first into the Elf on the Shelf season, let me take a moment to recap Halloween. Can you tell I'm running behind on my blogging...

However I did manage to prep and decorate just in time this year, which I'm pretty proud of. 

The pictures I took as it got dark turned out spookier, which I like!

It's nice how I get to benefit from previous years' crafting!

Sadly nobody was interested took the time to check out the books - for the 3rd or 4th year in a row ;-)

We had two parties this year. One lenghty dinner, complete with sparkling wine and treasure hunt on Sunday:

What was in the treasure chest? Candy, Halloween LEGO, a movie and - true all year round - a kitchen towel saying "a good day starts with coffee and ends with wine."

Regular Mac'n'Cheese for hubby and kids, black bean spaghetti with pumpkin sauce - with a side of spider legs, hahaha - for us sophisticated ladies.


Part two of our festivities took place on the actual Halloween night: quick nachos dinner after school / work (I asked our pub if they made some for me to pick up, they said no, so I had to wing it myself), then my friend was off to a parent-teacher event (who schedules this for October 31st???) so I took three boys, pardon, Dr Frankenstein, Darth Vader and a werwolf, trick or treating.

We were in good company out there, surely many kids picked up on the "American BS holiday" as grumpy opposers call it.

Yeah, unfortunately, Halloween hasn't been an accepted holiday around here, and I felt the gap between citizens who hate it (and therefore don't bother opening the door) and those who embrace it (wonderful decoration, candy basket ready by the door) has become wider. 

Either way, we had fun, and it wasn't too cold, so we wandered through our little town for over 90 minutes, and I was well aware that next year they won't be cool with having an older friend, dressed up as a Mom, tagging along, so I tried to soak it up.