Top Ten Thursday - Make My Day

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we are listing the top ten things that recently made our day, made us laugh or at least smile, just a collection of positive moments! 

My first day(s) back to our everyday routine were tough. Not only didn't I understand where the time went: didn't we only just leave for our vacation, and already it was over..? I haven't even managed to put together a post telling you guys about our trip! But also jet-lag, which is a bitch, in case I haven't mentioned.

Anyway. My days had their moments...

I was beyond tired and wanted to take a nap. Yet I had to pick up Colin and drive him to practice. Just as I was getting out of my car and hoisting the gigantic hockey bag out of my narrow-ish trunk, Lars and another guy went past me, talking to each other. Lars stopped for a second, looked me in the eye, smiled and said "hi!" 

I knew for sure that nobody else was standing behind me, so he really meant to greet little old me. As casually as possible I said "hi", back, quickly jumped into my car and sped off. 

Now I know I sound like a bad case of high school crush, and maybe I am. It's just that we have never met in person. Up until 2009 he used to be our hockey goalie. Today he's a regular at sports TV during hockey playoffs and the manager of our farm team, and as such he happens to be on some of the e-mail distribution lists I am on as a hockey Mom. 

This is how one day my LinkedIn app - even though I explicitly checked "skip this step" - sent out invitations to all my contacts that have ever been in my inbox. I noticed when people I barely knew accepted. Lars was one of them. Either he's desperate for friends or he liked my profile. I used to work for ice cream and coffee companies plus an airline, what's not to like, right? 

So to cut the long story short, that Monday in the parking lot he must have confused me for somebody else or he recognized me from my profile picture, knew he was supposed to know me, but couldn't recall my name. There is a small possibility we crossed path at hockey day camp, but that was years ago. 

Either way that certainly made my hazy day. Did I mention I think he's handsome and - for the lack of better words - hugely likable?

My Mom got a hot air balloon ride for her birthday, and she picked the most gorgeous day. After they took off roughly 8 miles away, I drove back home, parked my car and climbed our local hill because they were planning on passing by. 

On my way up I met my 5 yo name sister I only knew by name because her aunt is a friend of mine. She agreed a picture of the two Tamaras was in order!

While decorating for Halloween I dressed up our Christmas Elf for a photo shooting. Made me feel super silly and conspiratorial. I'm going to use this picture this season.

Speaking of Halloween, of course we had a party, and of course we went trick or treating.

This alone is certainly reason to smile and be happy about, and I'll blog about it some more when I have time.

What especially made me smile is what I discovered the morning after... Meet Mr glow-in-the-dark Bones, he likes to hang out with us:

The boys thought it was best to handcuff him!

The other weekend it was Colin's and his buddy's turn to welcome our farm team's and their opponent's top scorers at the beginning of the game. 

As we arrived he claimed to be thirsty, and we had just enough time to fulfill a promise I must have made a while ago: to have a drink at the Skylounge - the bar on the top floor of the high-rise building next to the hockey arena. Yes, it's Switzerland. Nobody bats an eye if you take a 9yo to a bar.

Then I dropped him off at the locker room to go and get ready. It was the cutest thing. He's the shorter one on the left:

Colin and his teammates were invited to a surprise event. We didn't know what they were ging to do between 2-7/7:30pm, (I'm working on a post about this...) the only hint was that they were supposed to bring an extra sweater in case theirs got dirty, and that us parents needed to help carry something upon pick-up. This is what they made, a hockey gingerbread house, isn't that adorable?

Sorry, more hockey. This Sunday was Swiss Hockey Day and our team's Skaeathon. Colin ran his rounds with the head coach:

As I'm writing this, I am pretty annoyed about Colin and his friends who are visiting, so I'm only half-heartedly smiling about my post, but I'm sure tomorrow is a new day, and I'm gonna feel fuzzy about it.

PS: later that day he made it up to me. One reason that made me mad was that they experimented with "fingerprint powder" on Daddy's messy desk. The black dust was all over his documents, and what's worse, his keyboard. In an effort to clean it up the bathroom where he moistened the cloth was all squirted. Anyway, one tool in his investigator box is "invisible ink" with which he wrote "love you, Mommy" on a piece of paper. In order to read it you need an UV lamp which he provided. Aaawwww. 

How about you? What are the little things that make your day? Tell me in the comment section down below or link up your own post. Lately it's been Pamela and myself, we'd  sure like some company!

What's next?

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