Top Ten Thursday - November

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're doing something to improve the general depressing mood that may go around these days: Top ten tips to brighten a dull November day! Clothes, activities, foods, places to visit, things to do,..

  1. Even though Halloween is over you may still wear an orange sweater. Or any other bright color for that matter. There are enough people out there dressed in black and grey. They're hard to spot as it gets dark and therefore a danger.
  2. Make plans that force you to leave the house: a coffee date with a friend, a trip to somewhere you've been wanting to go, museum, event? Even a walk to the dry cleaner's,...
  3. Make a list of three things that you want to achieve today and actually do them. Checking off the items from the list makes you feel so good. Plus now the trash has already been taken out!
  4. Go (window) shopping. Looking at fancy things always makes me feel happy. Come on, treat yourself to that little something. What is it, a charm for your bracelet? You deserve it! Get one for your best friend, too!
  5. Put together a playlist and enjoy those uplifting songs. "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina & the Waves must be on it!
  6. People watch at a playground. Being around cheerful children cannot not make you smile! And if not, at the very least you can go home and think "Thank God they're not mine!"
  7. Google a scavenger hunt. There are tons out there, outdoorsy ones, themed ones, city specific ones. Pick one and do it, maybe it's weird doing it alone, but it's still fun - otherwise recruit some friends!
  8. Bake or cook something yummy. Light a candle while you do so.
  9. Google a destination you've been wanting to visit. Enjoy the pictures without having to board a plane. Where will you be mind traveling?
  10. Spend a day at home in your PJs, watching movies and eating cookies. 

How was that for a mood enhance program? What are you going to do when you're feeling the November blues? Let me know in the comments or link up your own post!

Next Thursday, November 9, I want you to list the top ten things that recently made your day, made you laugh or at least smile, just a collection of positive moments! Maybe you followed some of the tips above? Sign up here.

On November 16 let's list the top ten things you're very specific about, like whether you drink Coke or Pepsi or if the toilet paper needs to go over or under... ;-) sign up here.