Elf on the Shelf 2017, Week 1

Welcome to Elf on the Shelf, Season 2017! For the rest of this year I'll be posting a week's worth of adventures at a time, so make sure to check back. If you can't wait, there's a daily post on Instagram. You can also find tons of EOTS ideas on my Pinterest Board.

The night leading up to Thanksgiving 2017, Cookie, our Elf on the Shelf, who has been with us since 2012, made her entrance through this adorably decorated fairy door.

She sat down on our bedroom's windowsill, and as is got close to 6am, she turned on the lights. She brought a note for those who weren't aware of the season kick-off (like hubby) Unmistakably, she is back!!

Friday she was peeking out of "Slapshot", Colin's favourite magazine. I guess you may call it his bible ;-) Cookie chose a cover that was featuring a Detroit Red Wing player - makes more sense than say, one of the Maple Leafs. Blue just doesn't cut it here, sorry, Deb!

Saturday was one of those ugly, cold and rainy days, and Cookie felt like sipping hot chocolate. She didn't just make one for herself, she brought some interesting mixes for us as well: Snowman Poop, Gingerbread and Candy Cane flavoured ones.

She must have overheard us talking about Colin's hockey tournament that was taking place on Sunday. Promptly she was waiting for us with Colin's hat and puck. She wrote notes, too, and it went without saying: she wanted to join us. 

I'm glad I brought her. The both of us enjoyed the adorable decoration at the ice rink's cafeteria!

Monday is usually my day off from work. Not this week, though. My coworker is on vacation, so I have to cover for her. Cookie was watching me laying out the clothes the night before and thought she wanted to wear something girly, too. She went ahead and borrowed an outfit from Barbie!

Pretty in pink!

Our Elf is viewing her photo album. One of the pictures shows her with a football 🏈 so Colin gave her one for today‘s picture

Ooohps, Cookie, our Elf on the Shelf, has been arrested and locked up. 
North Pole Police Dept 🚔 has arrested her for silliness and mischief. 
What's the note saying? 

"Killer Pie, anyone?"


Only locals and very attentive blog readers my figure it out. She's referring to Wednesday being Pie Day in Lenzburg. We jokingly call the pies we buy from the jail store "killer pies" because they were baked by inmates. Usually C's hockey practice takes place on Wednesday afternoon, so we don't often make it for pie day anymore these days.

I found the template for this super cool craft on This Mama Loves' Blog.

If Colin was allowed to touch the Elf he'd definitely helped her escape!

Good morning! Time to do some baking! Our Elf cookie brought a special cupcake kit! What was inside? What kind of cupcake did we make? 

You'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out. In the meantime head over to ShaRhonda's blog and check out her link-up!