Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt

One morning Cookie was nowhere to be found. She usually sits in plain sight, so this was strange. 

Instead she made coffee for me (how thoughtful), and there was an invitation to look for clues that were going to lead us to her:

Good thing we don't have a bunch of kids, otherwise the checking of the stockings would have taken longer ;-)

The clue sent us to the fridge.

"Look under a chair" is what the note in the fridge said.

"I'm supposed to find a decorated tree, but we don't have a Christmas tree yet?" 

Colin was bummed. Well, if our Elf is telling you to find one, she may very well brought one - it wouldn't be the first time! 

Looks like she couldn't find any lights, but it was a decorated tree alright, standing on the office drawer cabinet.

The note said the Elf was hiding where we do our brushing and flossing. Indeed, there she was, sitting in the bathroom cabinet!

She brought matching PJs for us! Thank you, Cookie! She could tell that the one she brought last time was getting mighty short!

Also, a huge thank you, Mom on the Side for posting free scanvenger hunt printables! I usually like to think of ideas myself, but I have been super busy, so this was very convenient!

Looking good!