Elf on the Shelf, Week 4

Welcome back to Elf on the Shelf, Season 2017. Last week Cookie made the headlines  of the North Pole News and sent us on a candy cane hunt. Let's see what she has been up to this week:

Cookie made "Winter Wonderland in a Jar" and also brought a Christmas Shake for breakfast:

Fridays are tough. Mondays thru Thursdays Colin's classes start at 8:20am. Fridays it's 7:30, meaning breakfast at 6! Any moral support is appreciated, so thank you, Cookie!

We always wonder how Cookie picks up on our plans. Today she totally knew Colin was going to attend a sushi workshop for kids so she broke out every Asian sauce she could find, and chopsticks, too.

Colin aka Junior Sushi Chef did a great job!

Look at them goodies!

After the sushi making class Colin directly headed to a friend's birthday sleepover party, so Cookie was alone for pretty much 24 hours. No wonder she was lonely, and she wasn't afraid to tell him: Colin, I was missing you, glad you are back! PS: great sushi!

Cookie thought Colin's rack that he uses to dry his hockey equipment looked an awful lot like a (Christmas) tree, so she hung some chocolate ornaments. Much to his liking!

Playing Taboo, Christmas edition:
Describe "wrap" without using the following words: gift, present, paper, tape, ribbon.
Describe "stocking" without using the following words: chimney, hang / hung, fireplace, candy, nuts
Describe "Christmas Eve" without using the following words: December 24, night, before, stocking, Santa Claus

Spending the night in the fridge. One would think an elf who keeps flying back and forth to the North Pole can handle the cold. Looks like Cookie needed a blanket, though. Colin appreciated the rare Fanta varieties that she brought.

In return Cookie appreciated the melting snowman cookies that we made to take to class plus to celebrate my 600th post. What's not to love about cookies, especially if your name is Cookie?

Cookie found some stale bread and used it to feed the duckies.

Almost Christmas! We may go for another week or so. What will Cookie be up to next?

You'll have to wait till next week to find out. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for daily sneak peeks. In the meantime head over to ShaRhonda's blog and check out her link-up!