Time Capsule 2017

As one of the last interaction Cookie, ou Elf on the Shelf suggested, Coline made a time capsule. She must have found the idea on Come Together Kids' blog.

Fill in the info on the sheet, add some small items and pictures, but everything in a box, seal it and put it away. Do this every year, it'll be fun to open in a couple of years.

A couple of our family's 2017 highlights

(OK, a lot!)

I tackled (and rocked) my weight loss / fitness challenge!

At the Carnival Parade our miniature Darth Vader met a Stormtrooper

We celebrated hubby's birthday in the Igloo Village

We had another cool St. Patrick's Day Party

I participated in a lots of blogging challenges, one of them being A-Z, and one included taking a picture of purple rain, yes, really!

Despite my tight calories budget we still did some Easter baking

Colin participated in the "fastest Staufen kids race"

I volunteered to set up a Scavenger Hunt around the World activity for our local family's association's annual meeting

We managed to visit my Grandma more often this year

We made it to the U.S. Car meeting - as participants and audience

My Dad celebrated his 7th birthday

Even though I had to go alone I visited the ICS' annual festival

For the first time firms were invited to participate at the youth festival, and we attended!

I went for another round of #100HAPPYDAYS

My brother visited from Israel

Colin attended a pirates themed boy scouts as well as a hockey camp

We produce shopped at the local farm stores and went there by bicycle

A couple of our friends turned 50 and threw a party - my favorite was this one at the pool

We said goodbye in style (just the way she's asked us to) to my aunt who passed away

I did some purging

While Colin was away we celebrated our anniversary at Torre, a panoramic steak restaurant

Happy to have him back!

Healthy 4th of July snacks

Getting together with old and new friends

Visiting a bucket list item

Taking out my new roller skates

Captain Colin was turning 9, celebrating at the airport

Exploring new places

Making it to the pumpkin patch, major happy day!

Enjoying one of many hockey tournaments. Colin and is team are doing well!

My Mom was redeeming her birthday gift and rode a hot air ballon

We thoroughly enjoying our PNW vacation

Special highlight: Lake Louise on the most gorgeous fall day

Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving with our Swiss friends in 150 Mile House, BC

After many years of being inactive, we resumed geocaching 

Who said it's raining all the time in Seattle...??? How about that blue sky?

Loved me some Pike Place time!

My Starbucks friend Patrice and her family treated us to a Western Hockey League game! 
Go, Thunderbirds!

Christine is more about soccer. 
Her team, the Seattle Sounders, proceeded to make it to the playoff finals!

Back in Switzerland, happy hour at the Skylounge during Zug's fall fair

Halloween is here, yay!

Highschool reunion! 
So happy to see many old friends again - some even flew in from Spain and Italy!

Colin's team's skateathon. He got to skate with the head coach, Harold Kreis.

Care package shopping for a family in need

Shoe shopping for feet in need...

Some much needed and enjoyed me-time, sipping coffee and blogging at SBUX

Exploring the chocolate museum with Candice and her family

Made it to Zurich Bahnhofstrasse in time for the Lucy Lights!

Meeting the Harley Santas

I won an IKEA item I wished for for hubby!

It's Elf on the Shelf Season, the best time of the year!

After blogging for 5.5 years, I published my 600th blog post

Merry Christmas! Some call it HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS

Let's not forget the wonderful six days of Hockey Festival that the Spengler Cup is!

And with this

I wish you a very happy and healthy new year! Looking forward to connecting with you in 2018!