Top Ten Thursday - before the year ends

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

For the last post in 2017, let's list all the things that need to be said or done before we turn a new page. Missed opportunities, highlights, unfinished business, to do before the year ends...

A couple of days after I posted this writing prompt, I came across this video that talks about things to do before 2018 starts, and *coincidence* has it it's ten things:
  1. Read a book
  2. Host a dinner party 
  3. Take 10,000 steps a day
  4. Try a new workout
  5. Do a spring clean
  6. Go to a gallery or exhibition 
  7. Go on a road trip
  8. Go to the cinema
  9. Have some me-time
  10. Be grateful for the year you've had
Whoa, I can't go to the office anymore if I want to accomplish all those things. They do sound lovely, though. Except the cleaning, haha. I'll see what I can do, though. Here goes:
  1. A while ago I purchased Bridget Jones, "mad about the boy" in which you learn that Mark Darcy died five years ago. I got until the first 50 or so pages. I definitely want to finish it,  curled up on the couch, with a fluffy blanket, coffee and gingerbread, preferably without interruption. Looks like in the meantime Sophie Kinsella published another novel this year, so I added "My (not so) perfect Life" to my reading pile. I have become so bad at reading books, and other than being busy I can't say why. 
  2. I totally did that, Christmas Eve, and may I say I rocked it! As always we had my parents over, and I worked all day to make it perfect, and it was.
  3. Ahem, consulting my Apple Watch, my average in the past 30 days was 7,106.58  steps. I hit my move and stand goal on most days, though. (I admit, it is set pretty low.) You wouldn't believe how the running back and forth in the house adds up! This month I cancelled all my personal training sessions. Due to having to work, due to having to get sh** done. Yeah well. I'll have some more cookies and go back to work them off in January. See #4
  4. Compared to the last 35+ years, 2017 has been the year I've tried countless new workouts, so I feel I've accomplished this and beyond! Prior to my weight loss project I have never even heard of HIIT (=high intensity interval training), this year I did it about every other Thursday. I also did boxing and squatting, and rope skipping, you name it.
  5. With all my time spent at the gym of course things around the house got neglected. Can't be everywhere at the same time. I totally made an effort in December, though, cleaning out the kitchen cabinets (throwing out stuff that expired several years ago, ouch!) and the home office. It did feel good to get rid of clutter!
  6. Gallery? Exhibition? I wrote a post about art just a few weeks back, does that count? Also my brother who lives in Israel, came to Switzerland for an impromptu quick visit. We didn't get to see each other because he was too busy enjoying the Christmas market and the art museum, so here we go! If that still doesn't count, I'll have to jump in a plane and fly to NYC in order to visit the Guggenheim and see some Kandinsky, Gaugin and Picasso! Not sure I would really use my city trip  to go and see art, though. Except if the weather was bad, which I would hope to avoid. 
  7. Road trip, yes, please! Never mind we just came back from 2+ weeks in Canada, I am game for another one! If I had to stay in my country, I'd go to the Lake Geneva area, the French part of Switzerland. They usually have no fog when around here everything is gray and dull. Plus the cities Lausanne and Geneva, thanks to interesting tax benefits for international companies and organizations (Cisco, Honeywell, Nestlé, Philip Morris, Starbucks Coffee Trading, UN, Red Cross, International Olympic Committee, IATA, Médécins sans frontières, WHO, and many more) make for a very diverse place to live at or visit.
  8. I took Colin (and a girlfriend of his) to see Cars 3, and we watched Despicable me 3, the Boss Baby and LEGO Batman earlier that year. As I am not a Star Wars fan, I am done with movies for the year. While it'd be nice to see a non-kids movie, I wouldn't even know which one. Are there any good ones out there? Some I might like? "When Harry met Sally, the sequel"  maybe? Or "You've got mail a SnapChat message"? In the meantime I stick to my old DVDs. I'm currently taking a break from ER and am watching Boston Legal instead.
  9. I'm having it as we speak I type. It's Saturday, Dec 16. Colin is enjoying a Sushi making class for kids, and I am spending my proverbial hour of freedom, writing at Starbucks. Prior to that he got to pick a new hockey stick at the MVP Shop, we enjoyed a healthy berry smoothie at the juice bar, and and met a lady who was giving away free hugs in the pedestrian area. Considering it's one of the last opportunities to shop, the atmosphere is super relaxed in the city. Also we got super lucky parking spot wise. What's not to love!
  10. It's definitely been a great year. I have worked hard, especially regarding my Hockey Mom duties and getting into shape myself. I didn't get to blog as much as I would have liked, but I still managed to participate in the challenges I signed up for: 20 Days of Chill,  A - Z Blogging Challenge, #100HAPPYDAYS,  10 Days of Heat, Use your Words, Secret Subject Swap, Blog with Friends, Photo Blogging Challenge and last but not least this one here, Top Ten Thursday. We are very blessed to be healthy and happy! I hope we'll get to keep up the momentum for 2018!

Can you see what happened here? I used someone else's ten bullet points which didn't leave any to say "breathe", so I'll need to postpone that to next year I guess ;-) 

What about you, what is your (un)finished business? Let me know in the comments below or link up your own post.

What's next?

We blinked, and 2017 was over, a new year has started, and we're not making resolutions because we may still have some unfinished business, and that's OK. We're lucky to be around to get it done. 

That's why for the first post of 2018 (going live on Thursday, January 4) we will focus on the (fun) things we want to do more of. You know, having coffee with friends, reading that book, taking a trip,... Can't wait to read those! Sign up here.

January 11 let's list your top ten facts, myths or sayings you believe in, for example "he that hath, to him shall be given", "what goes around, comes around" or "there are lots of vitamins in chocolate" ;-) 
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