20 Days of Chill - Candy Bars

Welcome back to 20 Days of Chill. Today's theme is "candy bars", and I was going to talk about Halloween and its related crafts and foodstrick or treating and I thought I'd share my list of top ten Halloween candy, but yesterday I promised I'd tell you the lengthy story of my three attempts at making a special kind of cheesecake. 

The one that is sprinkled with crushed candy cane. Candy cane, candy bars, close enough, right?

As part of our Advent Calendar I made Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecakes in a Jar for my best friend. This is what they looked like before they went into the oven:

During baking they went crazy and It was hard impossible to get the stuff out to eat, too:

I decided to call it Christmas Crumble and make a no-bake Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake next time! 

And I did, because I'm stubborn that way. Also I needed to do it in December still, because we all know January is Carrot Stick Month.

I used melted white chocolate and whipped cream, both were supposed to give the cake enough shape and firmness to make it easy to cut the cake into slices. Guess what, it didn't. Even after several hours' and an overnight stay in the fridge:

That's what you get for not using eggs, but of course if you're not going to bake it, you don't want raw eggs to be among the ingredients. 

Alright. Baking in a jar didn't work out. Not baking in a pan didn't work out, the third time around, I'm going to bake it in a pan, a muffin pan at that, to keep portions small and reasonable. They look cute, too.

Now if you're making cheesecake you're supposed to add eggs to the cream cheese and sugar mixture one at a time in oder not to incorporate too much air into your batter. I kind of disregarded that rule, beat the h*** out of my eggs in the beginning and basically dumped my whole cake including the ganache into the bowl:

And this is how I experienced the egg / air rule first hand:

My cupcakes first grew like crazy in the oven and looked like muffins, only to drastically deflate later. Yeah well, I tried. They were still delicious. See you next season. Maybe.

You've been a good reader, bearing with me until the end, you deserve a treat! Have a Candy Bar! I'm sure some of my blogger friends can help you out. Which one is your favorite?

Tomorrow we are going to work off the calories and swim upstream - you game?