20 Days of Chill - Finale

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Welcome back to the final episode of 20 Days of Chill, and this is also the title: Finale!

I can't believe it's January 26, and we're done? 

Looks that way, though. This is the 20th and last post, time to have a look at the stats:

Compared to last year, my posts performed poorly. Like five times less visitors!? 

One reason for sure is the fact that less bloggers participated this year, and the ones who did, barely read / commented on the others. 

Too bad, I really put a lot of effort into each post, plus, unlike last year, I not only promoted them on Google+ and my blog's Facebook site, but also on Instagram. 

Surprisingly the following made the top three in terms of hits:
  1. #Hashtag
  2. Hot Beverages
  3. Frame of Mind

My personal top three iwith regard to what I put into it:

That's it - may I ask you one last time to check out the other finalists' posts. 

What's next on my blog? I'm currently working on a sequel of my fictional expat family's journey. It'll get published on February 2nd.

In terms of Top Ten Thursday there will be a list of happy songs on February 1st, and an example of how my own train of thoughts works on any given day. This one will go live a week later, so February 8. 

Let me know if you'd like to participate!

Other than that, happy Friday, enjoy your weekend and don't be a stranger!