20 Days of Chill - Guilty Pleasures

Welcome back to 20 Days of Chill, today's prompt is guilty pleasures.

I have been thinking long and hard about this, and it all comes down to "it is really up to us whether to feel guilty about those pleasures". 

It probably depends on what they are, though. Here goes:
  1. Going to bed early and / or sleeping in. If you're like whaaaat? She's a Mom, she doesn't get to sleep in!! Hang on. My boy is 9, even if he is still an early riser, especially on the non-school days, he can get up all by himself. He plays, he reeds, he sneaks a yogurt from the fridge. So if I don't get to lay in, it's up to my own trouble falling and staying asleep.
  2. Hanging out in my PJs, lounge wear, call it whatever you like, add fluffy socks to the experience, and I love it! 
  3. Drinking coffee. No capsules (even though you all know I wouldn't mind George Clooney bringing me my coffee), freshly brewed dark roast Starbucks. I got some 2 for 1 Christmas Blend in January, and I'm hoping they'll increase the promotion to 3 for 1, I'm gonna finish their entire stock. So even though there is a lot of talk about caffeine, my two or three cups a day won't make me feel guilty, I consider them drug free blood pressure uppers!
  4. Writing at Starbucks, aka enjoying my hour of ultimate freedom. As Colin trains at the hockey arena, I choose not to sit out his practice at the ice rink but to indulge in some me-time.
  5. Baked goods, OK, carbs, sugar, processed stuff, not good. I still choose to enjoy "in moderation", even though moderation is open to interpretation *cough* I do like my cinnamon rolls, and I have been such a good girl in 2017, I like to think I deserve my treats. I'm going to Zumba in return, promise!
  6. Wine and Champagne - see baked goods. I certainly cut back considerably and won't feel guilty for having a glass or two with my bestie!
  7. Watching YouTube. Now while it's definitely a huge time thief, I do enjoy following Kalyn Nicholson, Mind Over Munch, Lavendaire or Jordan Page, FunCheapOrFree for some entertainment, inspiration or encouragement.
  8. Games. While I quit some apps, I keep playing Words with Friends - your basic online Scrabble - and I consider it brain exercise. Occasionally I play Bejewelled Blitz which is pretty mindless, and I typically do it while - see #9
  9. Watching old series. You know, ER for the gazillionst time. Boston Legal, without a trace, some CSI NY, Suits,... 
  10. Shopping - it had to be on this list. I'm a mall girl. I like this perfect shiny retail world.
I realize - it actually makes sense, come to think of it - that there is quite some congruence to the things that make me happy we talked about last week. 

Can you relate to this list? What are your (guilty) pleasures, and how do you feel about them? Leave me comment below and make sure to find out about my fellow bloggers' guilty pleasures. 

Tomorrow we'll be posting about our tropical dreams, don't miss it!