20 Days of Chill - #Hashtag

Welcome back to 20 Days of Chill. Today's prompt is #Hashtag, and I thought I'd find out about the top 20 most popular hashtags on Instagram (Source: Huffington Post)

That is pretty generic if not lame! I think the only one I've ever used is #happy, actually it was #100happydays.

Of course I am intrigued now. How do I figure out my own most popular hashtags? Good thing I know people who know stuff. A blogger friend recommended Union Metrics, an app that analyzes just about anything you want to know about your Social Media Accounts! What day and time is best to post, who your biggest fans are, the post with the most likes, the post with the most comments,... 

Unfortunately the free part of the tool only teases you, and you end up subscribing...

Surprise, recurring themes / hashtags were most popular. And this is what I paid 29 bucks for? Note: cancel account, get free one, like Iconosquare:

So let me show you my #bestnine instead (free service!)

I'll take you through them, beginning at the top left, if you like check out the blog posts that are linked to them:
  1. One of a Hockey Mom's Joys is to sit on a bench and do nothing. Haha, kidding. I took a picture of the bench and kept going...
  2. Christmas preparations include more than decorating, baking and cooking: how to wrap a hockey stick!
  3. Enjoying some bubbly, a steak and the panoramic view at Torre restaurant.
  4. We celebrated hubby's birthday at Engelberg's Igloo Village
  5. This is what I like to call our Million Dollar View - it's on our way to hockey practice, and once in a blue moon you'll get this abnormally good visibility. Isn't it stunning?
  6. This was Day 18 of #100happydays: it included a hair appointment, a grilled chicken salad and a cute new hoodie
  7. Just recently, Cookie, our Elf on the Shelf, prompted us to make Magical Christmas Elf's Cupcakes
  8. I originally made this giant LEGO "Minifigure" for Colin's 7th Birthday Party. Since then it got dressed up as Minecraft Enderman, in orange and black for Halloween, as a Christmas Elf, our Valentine, a St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun, he got a role in my scavenger hunt around the world and finally got hired as a hockey goalie, see below!
  9. Colin and I had a little time to kill before his welcome duty at a farm team's game, so I took him for a drink at the Skylounge 
This was unusual for me. A list of 9 things? I tend to go for 10, like top ten fun things to do in 2018!

Are you a #Hashtag person? Do you know what your most popular #Hashtag is? Be sure to check out about my fellow 20 Days of Chill #Hashtaggers' posts!

Later today the January edition of Secret Subject Swap is going live. I'll be talking about New Year's Resolutions, and there will be some for you to check out as well. No tough stuff like quit smoking or take up daily runs, I promise. I'll publish tips on tricks on how to stick to your goals if that's what you're after: it posts on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, come back here for post #6 of 20 Days of Chill. The prompt is "well, that was embarrassing"...