20 Days of Chill - Mac and Cheese

Welcome back to Day 2 of 20 Days of Chill. Today I want to share our Christmas Eve dinner. We had Black Angus beef filet cooked for several hours at low temperature, morel sauce, steamed broccoli, roasted bell peppers and carrots as well as potato croquettes. 

It tasted as delicious as it looks, if I may say so. 

Previous years' experience has shown that serving this meal to our son equals casting pearls before swine. 

This is why I usually take a trip to "Country Seasons", the closest non-online place that carries certain North American products.

What I usually get there is smoked Pacific Wild Salmon that we enjoy as an appetizer.

We also like to purchase a can of Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate and some nice wine from the Great One's vinery:

We like to throw in some Mint and Pretzel M&Ms for good measure (I know it must be hard to imagine that they're hard to find in Switzerland) They were part of an advent calendar gift basket.

I tried to make some Peppermint Chocolate Cupcakes, too. Actually it's a lengthy story - I'll spare you tough.

Most importantly, however, and this is where today's writing prompt comes in, we need to get Kraft Mac'n'Cheese boxes for Colin's Christmas Dinner...

Who's a happy guy? What makes him even happier is the fact that there is not a single piece of broccoli on his plate!

If you've gotten hungry I suggest you head over to A 'lil HooHaa's blog and check out the other blogger's menus! Also make sure to come back here tomorrow because somebody is going to have toilet paper on their shoe..!?