20 Days of Chill - Toilet Paper on your Shoe

Welcome back to Day 3 of 20 Days of Chill. 

Today you'll have to listen to me talking about my favorite show, ever: ER, Emergency Room. Even though many things seem very unrealistic and downright wrong, it's very interesting and entertaining. You certainly get to relate to those hard working doctors as well as the patients.

Episode 11 of Season 6 (at which point Dr Ross, my favorite character has moved to Seattle / left the show) mainly deals with Valerie, a young woman for whom they finally found a donor heart. However as it turns out, the patient has a low grade fever, so the procedure is risky if not counter indicated. They still proceed to transplant, and unfortunately the patient suffered a stroke and ended up being in a permanent vegetative state. As if this weren't enough for the family to deal with, the transplant team also figured out a patient in another state was a match for this heart, so Lucy, the intern who has become friends with Valery and who had fought on her patient's behalf, needs to get consent from the grieving Mom to retrieve the heart only hours after transplanting it. 

That's why this episode is called Domino Heart.

The scene I'm telling you about today is much less heartbreaking:

An elderly woman with Parkinson's is brought into the ER by her daughter who is concerned that her mother has suffered a stroke because she hasn't been able to walk for three days. 

As it turns out the daughter has been her caregiver for 15 years and feels run down. The mother is being treated by Dr Deb Chen, and when all the tests come back normal, she wants to release her patient. The daughter claims she can't take Mom home if she can't walk and insists on admitting her. Deb says hospital policies don't allow for that.

A while later both, daughter and mother are being brought back in. Upon trying to get into their car, they slipped on the ice. For "continuity of care" reasons, Dr Chen keeps looking after the mother, while Dr Carter is taking care of the daughter now.  He urges Dr Chen to make a judgment call and bend the rules a little bit, so both patients may be admitted and get a much needed break.

When Dr Chen refuses, Dr Carter goes ahead and admits the daughter to monitor her hypertension, which leaves it up to Chen to find a bed for the Mom - either in the hospital or a home.

She seeks revenge and pulls a prank on Dr Carter. She pages him while he's using the port-o-let (that has been installed in the ambulance bay because the water was shut down,  which was messing up the doctors' jobs all day):

As he comes running out of the portable toilet, thinking a patient was in distress and needed his assistance, he has toilet paper stuck to his shoe.
A couple of scenes later Deb makes a shocking discovery: one of her patients seems to have swallowed nails! 

Dr Carter just about prevents her from calling surgery - it was him who had fabricated this x-ray!

I hope the video gave you a good laugh and you enjoyed today's post. Come back tomorrow when it's all about winning or losing.

In the meantime, check out who else had toilet paper stuck to their shoe.