20 Days of Chill - Tropical Dreams

Welcome back to 20 Days of Chill, today's prompt is Tropical Dreams.

I admit, pictures of gorgeous palm trees, crystal clear water, colorful fish, sandy beaches, lush vegetation, etc. popped up in my head when I read this prompt. 

Hanging out on a deck chair or in a hammock, sipping fruity cocktails, reading, daydreaming, planning an excursion to the nearby rainforest safari park.. 

Kind of like the sequel of yesterday's guilty pleasures.

Everybody has those "tropical dreams", right? Like the average snow and ice plagued person in Europe or North America. 

Not going there today, though. We're keeping it real around here. I am not a beach person as in bringing a towel, a snorkel and a book.

Researching the countries most affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, floods, droughts and sea-level rise produces tropical nightmares: 

Papua New Guinea, Fiji,  Tonga, Vanuatu, Bangladesh, Philippines, Gambia, Guniea-Bissau, Mauritius, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala,...

Yes - those are all countries close to the equator and therefore tropical destinations. 

They are considered particularly vulnerable because not only are they exponentially exposed to the natural disasters I mentioned, but they don't have the necessary infrastructure to prevent / lessen the damages, plus they're poor and have a super hard time recovering if an earthquake, storm or anything else strikes. 

This is why China, the USA or Japan are not on the list. Even though they keep experiencing their share of devastating incidents, at the very least they have the means to get back on their feet. 

Where is it safe to live then? According to the World Risk Report from the United Nations University Institute for Environment, you should come to the Middle East! Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE do well. Heatwaves and unstable political climate clearly were not part of the study! 

Leaves you with Scandinavia, Singapore, Switzerland (welcome to my country, don't go to the Alps and be safe from avalanches) or France.

Wow, during those 20 Days of Chill I have learned tons about snow making and natural disasters. Have you? If this post leaves you slightly uneasy, head over to my fellow bloggers posts, I am sure their tropical dreams are much more pleasant!

Don't miss tomorrow's post, we'll be talking about cooking!