20 Days of Chill - Well, this was embarrassing

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Welcome back to a brand new week and another episode of 20 Days of Chill.

Today's prompt is "Well, this was embarrassing".

Luckily there aren't a lot of embarrassing things happening to me, so I have to revert to an old story I've already told in another post, a couple of years ago.

It was 1998; I had moved to another state for work love - well, both - and didn't know a soul apart from my then-boyfriend and a couple of coworkers. So far I had made my hair, dental and other recurring appointments with my usual places and took a day off to drive back and forth. I knew this couldn't go on forever, and when that time of the year came up, I asked around within my female coworkers and made an appointment with that "nice and gentle gynecologist" they were gushing over.

His office was located within the county hospital, and I got there early to make sure I arrived on time to fill in the health questionnaire, personal data sheet, give them my insurance card, etc.

Then I was waiting. 

Hospitals and doctor's offices always make me feel a bit off. Nervously hoping to walk out of there with just a "everything looks fine, see you next year", but you never know. Every medical history either starts with actual health trouble or a routine check.

The new doc came to greet me at the waiting room. What a gentleman! 

"Go right ahead" he told me as he opened the door to his office, "have a seat at my desk first." 

Sure, first we talk, then I undress. So far so good. 

I walked AROUND his desk and took a seat in HIS fancy leather swivel chair. 

The moment I looked up, it hit me: 

wrong side of the desk! 
Wrong chair! 

All wrong! 

He was very cool about it. 

"That's OK. We'll do it a bit differently today. You get to ask the questions!" 

To defend myself, I had been working in recruiting for a long time. I don't know how many thousands of interviews I have conducted. Didn't I kind of earn that seat? Plus, how hard are those gyno questions anyway: Last period? Any trouble? Pill working out OK? Baby plans? Any lumps in your boobs? Well, then, get naked!

This was my embarrassing moment. I got over it, and every year when I went back, we had a good laugh.

What kind of embarrassing situations have you encountered? Leave me a comment and check out my blogger friends' posts. Come back tomorrow for a hot beverage - now does that sound promising or what?