20 Days of Chill - What's cookin'

Welcome back to 20 Days of Chill, today's prompt is What's cookin'

My son got his report card today, that's what's cookin' - and he did freaking great cause he's such a smart cookie, and this part-time working hockey mom is super happy and proud!

Especially considering his double load due to hockey. He misses an hour of class here and there, I pick him up and drive him to practice straight from school, and by the time we get home it's 7:30pm and he has to do homework.

Still he manages to get As in everything that counts according to our society: math, languages, science. Bs in creative stuff like arts and crafts, music, gym. Social competence, even self competence which isn't his strongest suit by nature: all good.

Also with regard to ice hockey he's developing nicely. He got accepted to the team less than a year ago, and he's #33 scoring here:

We're having a relative over tonight who's visiting from abroad, and I'm gonna whip up a homemade lasagna to celebrate all the good news. So that's what's cookin', too!

Now go find out what's cookin in my fellow chefs' lives / kitchens! Don't eat too much, though, because I'm expecting you back here tomorrow for a pounder, that's the prompt!