Welcome back to the first monthly photo blog challenge of 2018. January's theme is LEGO, and I have to be honest I had disregarded the rule that says the pictures need to be taken the actual month. The reason is that I have epic Lego themed pictures in my repertoire, plus our 2016 road trip that - among many, many wonderful places - took us to Carlsbad, CA, which is where Legoland is located. 

Oh, and another reason is, I have been super busy writing and posting every single weekday of the month, check out my 20 Days of Chill posts if you like.

Show me a kid who doesn't get lost in building bricks? My uncle remembers how Christmas typically went down when I was a child.

Uncle: "Here's your gift, enjoy!"
My / my brother: *shaking box to make sure there's LEGO in it*

So as I became a Mom, I was prepared and not surprised to have my own little LEGO fan. For his 7th birthday party he chose LEGO for the overall theme.

We made LEGO gummies (here's the recipe and tutorial), had a LEGO scavenger hunt, played LEGO games, had LEGO cake, and his two best friends who were allowed to stay for a sleepover watched the LEGO movie with him.

As a leftover of this LEGO party we had this cardboard LEGO "mini" figure whom we dressed up for every holiday. This was another special occasion. We made a cake for IKEA's birthday. LEGO man was a furniture handyman for a day.

As I was saying, in 2016 we were lucky enough to visit LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, CA. I loved the miniature cities best. This is Steiner Street in San Francisco, if you feel like you should know it from somewhere, I'll help you out: it's where the Tanner family lives. (Full House)

I hope you enjoyed playing LEGO with me. Now head over to our host, a 'lil HooHaa and check out the other posts.