Top Ten Thursday - Fun Stuff

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

While other people are busy pursuing their New Year's Resolutions, we will focus on the (fun) things we want to do more of. You know, having coffee with friends, reading that book, taking a trip. Or taking it up a notch. Let's go!

So as you can see, I picked a motto to do more silly stuff ;-)

I'm challenging you to actually do those (or similar things that are more you) and blog about it! Which do you think will be most fun? Leave me a comment and/or link up your own post.

January 11 let's list your top ten facts, myths or sayings you believe in, for example "he that hath, to him shall be given", "what goes around, comes around" or "there are lots of vitamins in chocolate" ;-) 

Here's the Facebook event to sign up to.

On January 18 we will do a cross-challenge of sorts. Top Ten Thursday conveniently collides with 20 Days of Chill which's prompt is 10 things that make you happy. There. One prompt, two writing challenges, one post, I like. I'm happy. Sign up here.