Top Ten Thursday meets 20 Days of Chill - 10 Things that make you happy

Today it just so happens that I'm combining two writing challenges:
  • Top Ten Thursday
  • 20 Days of Chill
The prompt is 10 Things that make you happy - perfect fit! 

If you've been around here for a while you know I have participated in #100HAPPYDAYS - twice. Let's go:
  1. My son Colin, at least 90% of the time. He's a pretty balanced kid, smart, sensitive, mostly cheerful, and if he's moping, it usually won't take long. 
  2. Traveling. I have been privileged to see some of the most wonderful spots on this planet, and many coincide to have palm trees and beaches and to be wine growing regions: Australia, South Africa, California.
  3. The actual sight of being done with chores: empty laundry basket, clean and clutter-free surfaces, full fridge, paid bills. What a great feeling of accomplishment. (How very adult / dull?! Well, yeah, but still!)
  4. Writing - heck, I wouldn't be here today, every weekday of this month, if writing didn't make me happy - or at the very least challenged! Getting a writing prompt and thinking "wth am I supposed to do about that?" only to hit publish a few days later feeling proud for pulling it off, gives me a thrill.
  5. Shopping, it may sound superficial, and it probably is. I don't necessarily need to buy anything. Just being out there (and therefore not being at work or slaving in the kitchen) looking at fancy, shiny stuff does the trick.
  6. Spending time with friends. Even though I'm a busy girl I feel I have managed to see a bunch of wonderful people over the past few years, and I am grateful for this!
  7. Music - depending on the situation and season I like my 80s, Christmas music, I once compiled a list of 10 songs that represent my life's soundtrack, and I often use smooth piano jazz while writing, but I realize I have never posted my Top Ten Happy Songs, so we are going to do that very soon!
  8. Coffee. It had to be on this list, and the order is random. When I can't sleep I try to trick myself into falling bask asleep by telling myself "first thing you wake up? Coffee!" I haven't even always been a coffee drinker, but I think I told that story many times.
  9. Food. For some people lunch - or any other meal for that matter - is just a means to fuel their body, for me it's something to plan for and look forward to. The past couple of years I may have gone over the top and enjoyed my pizza, pasta and enchilada too much. Luckily I can get just excited about BBQ chicken saladSpeaking of food, this one deserves a bullet point on its own, but I'm running out: cutting the perfect avocado, because God knows it's happening rarely enough!
  10. Creating. I have already mentioned writing. This one goes more into party planning, decorating, cooking and backing for a special occasion, and quite frankly, if there's no official Holiday coming up, "just because" is reason enough, and life is short, and you're supposed to wear the nice clothes and drink the good wine!

Now if that wasn't a happy post, I don't know what is! How about you, what are the things that make you happy? Let me know in the comments below or link up for the Top Ten Thursday blog hop. Don't forget to check out the other posts.

PS: I just came across this video, I want to share it with your guys:

Read more about their happiness lessons here. I think it's absolutely fantastic!

What's next? 

20 Days of Chill: Tomorrow we'll ask ourselves "why ask why?"

Top Ten Thursday on January 25 will present the result of the photo scavenger hunt we have been working on - why don't you join in, it's fun? 

The week after, February 1st let's post our top ten happy songs while we're on a roll! Sign up here.