Top Ten Thursday - Photo Scavenger Hunt

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're presenting the photo scavenger hunt we've been taking pictures for.

We shot the following items / situations :

  1. barrel
  2. crochet
  3. empty space
  4. snacks
  5. beads
  6. chalkboard
  7. success
  8. umbrella
  9. fuzzy
  10. blogger 

and are completing them with captions or a short story now. Here goes:

Taking a picture of a barrel was actually the hardest of the entire challenge. I ended up visiting a wine shop and buying a bottle of Shiraz just on account of this blog post. You guys owe me 20 bucks!!

I am not a knitting, crocheting and especially not a sewing person. Still a couple of years ago I crocheted this rainbow dress for Barbie to wear on St. Patrick's Day.

Empty space - two seats in the background. Last night I picked up my aunt at a local hotel. She's actually my Mom's cousin, what does that make her? Anyway. Hotel lobby, I was intrigued by the coffee table made from empty wine boxes and some fire wood logs. The arm chairs are a side.

Snacks. Now I do like me some cinnamon rolls or cheesecake with my espresso, but I'm not supposed to eat them. So unsalted trail mix it is.

Another purposeful trip just to complete this challenge. While Colin was at the dentist's, I dashed over to the crafts supply store. They carry beads in all shapes, sizes and colors. Paradise! The shiny containers make it hard to get a decent shot, though.

While I see chalkboards all the time in front of restaurants and other businesses, I dug out this older picture I took at Cape Town's Waterfront because I thought it was so funny, forgive me, guys!

How do you take a picture displaying success? You attend a hockey game. Duh! This is my son's team. They won, as you can tell. If you ever feel depressed and need a smile, you've got to witness this joyful moment!

Being a Swiss girl the first that comes to my mind when I hear umbrella is rain, and God knows we've had enough of that these past days, but I didn't want to go with that. Instead I went back to my California trip's folder. This was at Horton Plaza in San Diego, my favorite place on earth. It had to be in this post! Also, I 'm abolsutely not paid for the product placement. I should be, though!

If I as a person had to depict a fabric's feel or something it would probably be fuzzy. I love my UGGs so much, I even got a purse! And I love restaurants and cafés that provide some warmth for their outdoor seating. Downside is, those seats are used by smokers, and the fur picks up the smell. It does look comfy, though!

I was gonna re-use my selfie wearing the blogger sweater, but hey, this one says blogger just as well. I couldn't believe the mall's SBUX store was closed for remodelling - they didn't even give me a heads-up! So I ended up in this nice seating area, enjoying a virtual fireplace, working on 20 Days of Chill, and didn't have any coffee until much later at home.

Now that was fun, do you agree? I wanna do it again, soon - taking your suggestions on subjects to photograph.

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