50 Reasons to be happy

Today is hubby's birthday. He went to work because that's what he does every day. 
Unlike other Thursdays Colin had hockey practice, so I made reservations at a steakhouse not too far from the arena, and we met the birthday boy there.

Colin brought a book because that's his idea of "happy hour".

Mine would rather include a beverage with lime as an ingredient, but I had to drive so  I limited myself to a glass of red along with that fantastic beef filet.

I put together "50 reasons to be happy" because sometimes he forgets. 

Two of the fifty reasons are of course his precious son and me, the wonderful wife as I called myself. Now he can't stop calling me that, but he's laughing, so he's basically mocking me.

 Today was certainly not a good time to worry about calories. Life is short and YOLO

On my way here I was texting with the Dad of one of Colin's hockey buddies. His Mom passed away back in his home country, so they flew there for the funeral and to support the Dad. 

Makes me so grateful to have both of my parents alive and less than five minutes away!

In case you're wondering what the other 48 reasons to be happy are... Here you go. I made ten categories: Freedom, Friends, Health, Home, Household, Money, Parenting, Relationship, Travel and Work, and listed five items per category. How very structured of me, right?