Frozen Adventures

Through a mutual friend I got to know Janine, a bright, extremely enthousiastic and committed environmental science student. She needs your support for a special project:

The following summer five young people will have the opportunity to join an expedition to the Arctic and find out more about climate change. 

This is what Janine likes to tell you:

As a woman I would not have been able to apply for this life-threatening adventure 100 years ago anyway, and I do not know if I was crazy enough. But today I am sure: I want to win the literally "coolest summer job in the world"! For this I need your help! Vote for me right now and if you keep reading, you'll know why I'm the one for the job!

At the age of 17, I experienced the craziest adventure of my life so far. I traveled to the Antarctic with the Chilean research vessel Aquiles and shot a 40-minute documentary on the effects of climate change on the penguins. But before I could set my first foot on the Antarctic, I had to go a long and stony path.

It all started one evening while surfing the internet. Encouraged by an article about the penguins and their threat of climate change, I decided to make this topic of my Matura work. It soon became clear to me that it was going to be a documentary, because since the age of twelve, filming has been my biggest passion. Already as a little girl, I took part in competitions with my self-made videos, and at the age of 16 I was one of the lucky winners of the H2O Videocontest.

The experiences and impressions in the Antarctic were unforgettable. Unfortunately, I have not only seen the beautiful sides of the Antarctic. What shocked me the most was a conversation with an employee of the Polish research station Arctowski, who told me that the population of the nearby penguin colony has decreased by 90% in the last 10 years! Of the formerly 30,000 breeding pairs, only 3,000 live there today. Dr. José Retamales, director of the Chilean Antarctic Research Institute INACH, has also told me that parts of the Antarctic Peninsula have warmed by 2.5 ° C over the last 60 years. These and many more exciting interviews you will soon see in my documentary on my homepage.

For over 2 years I have been working on my Matura thesis in every free minute and have received the best mark for it. Over the years that followed, I gave lectures at various schools, sponsors, clubs and major events where I was able to report on my experiences and climate change in the Antarctic.

After my experience-rich expedition to the Antarctic, I became more and more interested in the consequences of climate change in the northern polar regions. That's why in the summer of 2016 I traveled alone to East Greenland, where I lived together with an Inuit family in a small settlement. They told me that they already feel the consequences of climate change today. Because the fjord before the settlement in winter only partially freezes, they must laboriously drive their huskies with the boats to the hunting grounds. In addition, they can hardly hunt in the north, because the ice melts earlier and they do not come with their boats between the many icebergs.

During my trip, I received unique insights into her life. For example, I was allowed to accompany the family on the seal hunt and learn how the Inuit can survive in this hostile environment with what nature offers them.
I do that for a more sustainable life

Climate change has become more and more a part of my life in recent years and I have therefore decided that I also want to devote myself professionally to this topic. That's why I started studying environmental science at ETH Zurich in the summer of 2016.

The Shakleton Expedition has long been history, but today I want to apply for one of the coveted seats on the Swiss Arctic Expedition. I want to continue the idea of this project and, together with other young motivated people, make climate change a topic. But for that I need your help! Please vote for me right now and help me to win a place on the Swiss Arctic Expedition 2018!

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On behalf of Janine and the penguins, thanks for your help! I wish her luck and success for her journey, and I am sure that either way we will hear great things about her work!