Welcome to another episode of A'lil Hoohaa's monthly photo blogging challenge I like to participate in. February's theme is "simple", and I decided to go for the simple things that make our everyday lives better. 

Like some giant bubbles, seen at Hamburg harbor, just next to the new opera house, Elbphilharmony. If you're interested in more of Hamburg's sights, check out this post. I took hubby for a surprise birthday weekend.

Freshly home baked bread. Simple to make, smells and tastest incredible. Here's a recipe as well as the comparison of using an iron cast pot vs a regular baking tray. 
Made my own bread because it seemed like the lesser evil than to leave the house for some store bought bread. Have I mentioned we've had temps around minus 10°C = 14F?

Never mind the freezing cold days. My son and his buddies played an outdoor hockey tournament. In an attempt of keeping warm I kept walking around the rink, and I was fascinated by this special goal light. It usually sits behind the goal and turns red after the puck crossed the goal line. It turns green after the horn blasts meaning the period ends. This one was way up, and there was a blue section, I don't know why.

As part of Top Ten Thursday's Photo Scavenger Hunt i had to take a picture that stands for "calm" and I chose this sunset at Lake Zug. Living in a landlocked country I can't go for a walk at the beach to find relaxing calm, so this is the next best thing. The picture was taken from the Skylounge Bar on the 18th floor of the building next to the hockey arena Colin trains at.

I don't make it a habit to enjoy a happy hour whenever he has hockey practice, but when I do I like my glass of Prosecco. I work hard for this Hockey Mom gig, so this was my reward for driving him and his freshly laundered gear to yet another unscheduled event he was invited to - participation mandatory if you know what I mean...

Now please head over to our host's post and check out the other contributions. 

I will be back tomorrow with Top Ten Thursday. We'll be talking about a fictional day working as a character at a Disney theme park.