Super Blue Blood Moon

At the beginning of 2018 I saw a video on all the spectacular things to see in the sky this year: 

  • January 31: Super Blue (Blood) Moon Eclipse
  • March 7 - 8: Planet Parade (Saturn, Mars and Jupiter will be in line with the Moon)
  • July 15: Moon meets Venus
  • July 27: Total Lunar Eclipse, plus Mars will be at its biggest and brightest
  • August 11: Partial Solar Eclipse
  • August 12 - 13: Meteor Shower
  • December 12: Comet Encounter

(Read this article for more info)

I was excited and promptly forgot about it as we resumed the usual craziness of our everyday life. 

Until Monday this week. 

I picked up Colin from hockey practice and thought the almost full moon was looking very cool!

Back home I googled it and found out that in Europe the lunar eclipse wasn't going to be visible. Colin was bummed. "Where is the closest location to watch it? Middle East? May we fly there? I'm on winter sports break!"

Ha, good for him, but no.

I googled some more and found out our "local" observatory was going to conduct a guided tour and talk about the lunar eclipse by streaming a broadcast about what's going on moon-wise in Asia.

Very cool! If we won't hit too much traffic we might just make it to Zurich in time. The evening sky in Zug was looking spectacular upon practice pick-up. It was a sign!

Everything went smoothly. Sandwiches in the car, pretty decent traffic, Colin even got to quickly check out the toy store before heading to the observatory. 

Many years ago I attended a guided tour and I remembered it to be great. You wouldn't believe the telescopes they've got! The moon was looking so close and bright! Impressive.

This was the view on our way to the entrance, you can see the moon partly hidden in the clouds.

As we approached the elevator I heard someone explaining about fire hazards and rules and regulations. I wasn't sure this was a good sign.

"Are you here for the lunar eclipse?" The lady asked. Sure thing.

"You got tickets?" Were we supposed to have them? I was on the website and I couldn't find a ticket pre-sale anywhere.

"We're fully booked, I am sorry. There are only so many people we're allowed to host."

(Insert silent swear words on my part.)

As Colin and I walked away, I wanted to apologize, but he, sweetest son in the world, said "it's OK, Mommy. Let's go to that panorama bar on the 10th floor instead."

Oh my goodness, I was so proud of myself. I sure raise my boy well. He knows his way around shopping malls and bars! I had taken him to Jules Verne in spring 2016, and he remembered!

"May I even sit here?" He asked as we entered and found it to be pretty full, except the two bar stools that had just become available. 

If you live in the U.S. you know that minors are not allowed to sit at the bar, not even for lunch, in broad daylight. Happened to us (I had to use my fingers to count) five years ago at Chicago Navy Pier. He remembered that, too!

Well, in Switzerland nobody batted an eye. 

He ordered an "Indian Summer" and made conversation with the barkeeper. "I noticed you organize your liquor in alphabetical order" he said. 

The guy was impressed. I was, too. 

Then again, I know this young man is super smart. 

I texted the hubby to let him know we didn't make the lunar eclipse tour and ended up enjoying happy hour at Jules Verne's Panorama Bar instead. 

"Does Colin even know who Jules Verne is?" he replied.

"I am not sure but I'd say he was a French author" Colin said. How does he even know these things?

"Actually, he was a character in a Donald Duck book" he smirked. "He got knocked out and   was panicking about some dangerous monsters that were attacking him. As he came to he realized he had created those monsters for his own novel."


Cheers! I created this genius!

Back home we googled some videos on the Super Blue Blood Moon and the Lunar Eclipse.


Actual footage