Top Ten Thursday - City Trip

Welcome back to Top Ten Thursday!

Today we're taking an imaginary city trip! We picked a location we've been wanting to visit, googled the h*** out of the internet and put together the top ten things we want to see, do, experience, eat, etc. at that place! 

OK, I admit, I chose this topic in preparation of the surprise weekend I was taking hubby (and son) for his upcoming birthday, so my city was gonna be Hamburg, Germany, and by the time this post went live it wouldn't be an imaginary but a real trip.

But no, it feels like cheating. 

Instead I made a list of ten to decide what my location was gonna be. These cities are all on my travel bucket list, so I have never been. Fair and square.
  1. Melbourne, Australia
  2. Atlanta, USA
  3. Stockholm, Sweden
  4. Bruges, Belgium
  5. Edinburgh, Scotland
  6. Copenhagen, Denmark
  7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  8. Prague, Czech Republic
  9. Lisbon, Portugal
  10. Rome, Italy
Of course there's also a ton of locations I've been to but want to go back... This may be a post for another day though.

So seven out of ten on my to-do list are in Europe, go figure. I have been traveling so much  in North America, South Africa and Australia that I neglected my home continent! 

How to chose?

I picked Stockholm, Sweden for no specific reason other than to emphasize that Switzerland (where I live) and Sweden are two different countries. We tend to get confused a lot. I don't mind much, I'd rather have people think I'm Swedish than German. Also Ingvar   Kamprad may have been on my mind, may he rest in peace.

This is what I would love to explore in Stockholm:

  1. The ABBA Museum - when I was just about Colin's age I was a huge fan, and I when I heard that Agnetha and Björn were going to get divorced, I had hopes that I'd end up with him ;-)
  2. Spend a night at Långholmen, the hotel that used to be a prison - they call it "captivating accommodation", and PS: they promise they'll give you your own key to your cell ;-)
  3. Go to the Vasa Museum, a preserved seventeenth-century ship - because Vikings, right?
  4. Go up 155m (508 feet) to Kaknästornet, Stockholm's TV Tower and enjoy the view from the Sky Bar!
  5. Speaking of Sky View, there's an attraction called that way! It's on top of a 130m (425 feet) high spherical building , see #6. You take a gondola to get to the top. Pretty cool!
  6. Visit the Ericsson Globe which actually is the Swedish national hockey team's arena, where us Swiss won silver in 2013, btw.
  7. IKEA @ Kungens Curve, the second IKEA store in Sweden (after Älmhult, Ingvar Kamprad's home town) It was remodeled and is the world's largest IKEA store. The exterior, as you can see below, was inspired by the Guggenheim Museum in NYC.
  8. Take a hop on - hop off boat tour. Boat!
  9. Have dinner at the Hard Rock Café - Duh, we don't have one in Switzerland, so I have to use every opportunity!
  10. While there ain't no Starbucks in Sweden yet, I understand there's a nice café called Saturnus where they also serve cinnamon buns, gotta check that out - for research's sake, you know.

Here's some useful vocabulary if you decide to come to Stockholm:
  1. Välkomna, Välkommen = welcome
  2. Hur står det till = how are you doing?
  3. Vad heter du = what's your name?
  4. Öl = if your first language is German then you may think it's oil, but in fact it's beer, haha!
  5. Skål = cheers
  6. Hur mycket kostar den = how much is it?
  7. Talar du Engelska = do you speak English?
  8. Var finns = where is? 
  9. Toalett = Restroom, Herrar = Men (Men's Room), Damer = Women (Ladies' Room)
  10. Talar du engelska = do you speak English?
How did you enjoy this imaginary trip? I know you want some Swedish meatballs now, so I'll let you go...

Just some previews before you leave:

I don't know about you but I really liked to go through life with a mental list of ten items to photograph, so I suggest we do it on a monthly basis. Here's the February list, sign up for the Facebook event to let me know you'll join, we publish our Photo Scavenger Hunt on Feb 22nd:
  1. Buddha
  2. Salt & Pepper
  3. Calm
  4. Phone Booth
  5. Harbor
  6. Stop
  7. Devotion
  8. Vitamins
  9. Cart
  10. Friendship

March 1st let's imagine you're an actor who plays a Disney character at one of the theme parks, think Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or the little Mermaid. In ten sentences (or paragraphs, by all means) tell us about a day in the life of your role. Sign up here.

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