St. Patrick's Day 2018

March only just started, my birthday came and went, and here it was, St. Patrick's Day! 

Being the busy part-time working Hockey Mom that I am, I couldn't take the time to create my own treasure hunt, but I downloaded one from The Crafting Chicks: four leaved clovers in all the colors of the rainbow:

I actually took the printouts and the clues I prepared myself to Starbucks for cutting and glueing while Colin was training on the ice:

Then it was time to pick him up. We just loaded the stick and ginormous hockey bag into the trunk, and I gave him his snacks, when he set up his best charming smile and went: 

"Moooommy??? May we stay and watch the novices elite semifinals? Pleeeeaaaaaase..? Zug is playing against Kloten, and they need our support!"

Five minutes later...

Another hour later...

The referee had just annulled a goal that was supposed to tie the game. Instead our team lost. 

Our team being a bunch of 15 to 17 years old guys. 

I talked to the Moms at the snack buffet. I always make it a point to support and thank them at our own tournaments as well, because I know what an effort it takes. 

They're driving and laundering tons, so baking is not usually on top of their lists.

"So have you been doing this since your sons were this age?" Pointing to Colin. 

"Sure thing! But you know as long as they're enjoying themselves, we're glad to do it."

Whoa, this may be my future. I can't even try and imagine how to juggle this with work and school because with progressing grades, his load will increase, both for school and practice! The only thing that won't change, is the distance between home and the arena..

But let's cross that bridge when we get there, shall we? 

For now, back home, I the leprechauns prepared some late night pranks to surprise Colin who was going to be up early, no matter how late it got the night before.

And that's the way it happened... 6:30am, this is what was awaiting us in the bathroom...

And in the kitchen...

The leprechauns, with a little help of the Starbucks Bearista, even made shamrock coffee for me. Geez, thanks, guys!

We had questionable company. These guys were already drinking early in the morning...

Good morning, Mr Lego Man! Feeling festive today, aren't we?

The Barbie Ladies dressed up as well

The boys spent the afternoon with their boys scouts, and didn't arrive home until 6pm, which gave me an opportunity to prep everything and look forward to what Doris and I had been waiting for...

Shepherd's Pie for us, Mac'n'Cheese for the guys - everybody was happy!

Even the miniature leprechauns who ate all the chocolate gold coins!

Time for the treasure hunt I was talking about earlier. The boys were soooo quick at unscrambling the letters and running to the next hiding spot!

Fruit basket, fridge, blackboard,...

Finally they found the treasure box!

Or so they thought...

"You've got to be kidding us!!! Healthy green foods? This is supposed to be our treasure?"

Weeeelll, there was a note suggesting another hiding spot..!

Where they found their rainbow treat bags 

full of candy and cookies!

While the kids were enjoying their sweets and some cartoons upstairs, us grownups took advantage of the peace and quiet.

Not to mention the peppermint chocolate chips cookie ball cupcakes - a long word for a little dessert, I know!

That was a fun night! Bummer though, I had been working for hours and hours, and already it was over? Boooo!

I was pleased that the sweater I bought three years ago (when it was too large for Colin) still fitted this year! 

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? What do you do? Let me know in the comments down below.